Adjust Color and Brightness of Computer Screen as per Time of Day

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f.lux is a free software that adjusts the brightness of your computer screen according to time of the day. f.lux makes screen brighter in the day, and warmer at night.

f.lux is a simple user friendly program for all users who are eager to work in a nice ambiance as it makes the light of your computer better. It adapts the brightness of screen to time of the day and makes you feel good while working .

Users who have to work late night often get blinded by the computer screen which can make their eyesight weak. Its better to protect your precious eyes from getting blinded by the color of your computer  screen.

Use f.lux which makes the color of your computer screen suit your needs and it adapts the tone of the time. For instance, if it is day time it will adapt the color of the sunlight and during the night it adapts the indoor color making you feel good about your surrounding.

Now you won’t encounter sleepless and restless nights anymore. You can easily and conveniently work and you won’t be lazy anymore. The atmosphere where you work plays an important part in making you more focused and organized.

Here are some of the features of f.lux:

  • It is a user friendly program
  • It adapts to the time to suit your needs
  • It does everything automatically
  • It makes you feel at home

f.lux does everything automatically. You just have to tell it about the lighting you have and where you live. It makes you feel like the room you are sitting in. You can now easily adjust to your surroundings and work efficiently. Moreover, its free of cost and you don’t need to look anywhere else.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X
Free/Paid: Free

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