Automatically Optimize RAM for Selected Processes

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Minimem is a free software to automatically optimize memory to run the applications and programs smoothly. It does so by removing the unnecessary memory pages (or virtual page) occupied by active processes. By default, it releases memory from background processes only, but you can also use it to optimize memory for foreground processes.

Basically, this software is ideal for low RAM or old PCs that do not have high end hardware. Using this software, you can optimize all or selected processes, which I believe is its advantage over other similar software. You can also set the time (using presets) to optimize the memory. It sits in system tray and automatically optimizes memory in the background.

comparison of memory optimization

The screenshot above shows memory optimized by this software for my PC.

Earlier, the software was built for Firefox only, but now it can be used to optimize processes for almost any application.

How to Automatically Optimize Memory using This Software?

Grab the setup using this link and install this software. You will find its icon in system tray. You can double-click that icon to open the Settings window. That window shows all the active processes of running applications (like web browsers, image editor software, etc.) on the right side. You can select multiple processes and add them to Optimized Processes list (on the left side).

adjust settings

Now it’s your choice whether you want to optimize memory immediately or select a time preset to automatically optimize it. You can also set the threshold for RAM so that the memory optimization will take place only if RAM is below the threshold. Save the changes and it will minimize to system tray. After this, it will automatically remove unnecessary memory pages regularly.

You can also right-click its tray icon and enable Show Meter icon option to view the available physical memory and page file by just hovering the mouse cursor over its tray icon.

Show meter icon


You don’t need any technical knowledge or go through complicated settings, which makes this suitable for any type of user. The plus point of this software is that full control is in your hands about which processes you want to optimize.

Get Minimem free.

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