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Read Lead Grow is a really useful free website to get quotes from best business books. Simple and easy to use, Read Lead Grow curates the best quotes, lessons and wisdom from the latest and greatest business books at one single place. Most of the books featured on Read Lead Grow are international bestsellers, and includes such authors as Dale Carnegie and Robert Kiyosaki. There are no signups, accounts or anything of that sort involved. All you have to do is select the book and read the quotes (you can copy the quotes to keep them with you as well). The books from which the quotes are included are updated on a weekly basis, and you can even sign up for the weekly newsletter. Sounds like something you could use for a little inspiration? Keep reading to find out more.

read lead grow in action

Read Lead Grow: The Website

Read Lead Grow features as simple of a user interface as possible. As mentioned earlier in the article, there are no confusing sign-ups, profiles etc., required. The moment you head over to the homepage, the website is ready to use. Here’s how Read Lead Grows’s homepage looks like:

rlg mainui

Pretty minimal, don’t you think? As illustrated by the above screenshot, Read Lead Grow features a simple and straightforward, easy to navigate user interface. In fact, apart from a visual grid like vertically scrollable list of books (quotes from which are included), there isn’t much on Read Lead Grow’s homepage. Only the bottom section of the website features the newsletter subscription fields.

How To Use This Free Website To Get Quotes From Best Business Books?

As mentioned earlier, using Read Lead Grow is extremely easy, as the website is directly available for use once you head over to it. Here’s a little step by step tutorial to get you started, anyway:

Step 1: Scroll through the list of the displayed books, to find the the one whose related quotes you want to see. Once you click on the book name, the view changes to a horizontal overlaid list of all the books, making up for an easy selection. Navigation can be done via the mouse or the side arrow keys. The selected book (the one shown front and center) also features a brief description about it. Here’s a screenshot:

rlg book selection view

Step 2: That’s pretty much it. Once you’ve selected the book, whose related quotes you want to read, simply click on the book’s cover. The quotes included in the selected book will now be presented to you in a vertically scrollable list. Each quote (or lesson) is also accompanied by a little explanation regarding the quote as well. Here’s a screenshot:

rlg quotes view

Pretty simple, right? As illustrated by the above screenshot, the quotes are presented in a simple and easily readable manner. If you want, you can also copy the quotes. Easy-peasy!

If you want, you can also subscribe to the weekly quote newsletter as well. Just enter your name and email address in the required fields of the bottom section, and you’re all set. Using this, you don’t even have to visit the website for some great inspirational quotes.

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Read Lead Grow is an amazing free website to get quotes from best business books. Simple and easy, it can be a real good source of inspiration for you, from time to time. I mean, just head over to the website,  and get some awesome quotes, how simpler could it possibly get than that? If you could use a little pumping up from some of the best known people, check Read Lead Grow out. It just might be what you need.

Check out Read Lead Grow Here.

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