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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead. is a completely free social network to ask questions. It allows you to meet with people from around the world and ask them questions. You can befriend them by following them and they can do the same. Once you have followed someone, you can ask them any question you want on their wall. The news feed regarding your friends and other users are shown on the dashboard of your account. Just create an account, make friends and ask them whatever you want. You can use this social network online, or via Android and iPhone apps. can be defined as a unique social networking website as it has very unique features. You cannot like pictures uploaded by your friends, send them private messages etc., like you can do in other social networking platforms. Here, you can meet people and ask them questions. A lot of unique features have been provided under Let us a have a look at them.

How Does Works And What All Can You Do With It?

The first step is to create an account. After that, you can upload your picture and add a background theme to your account. Once you have done that, you can get to the main task. To start with, provides you a list of most popular users of this website and lets you follow them. You can unfollow them if you want and search for your friends. Now, once you have added a few friends to your list, you can pick anyone of them and ask any question. The question is posted on their wall which is visible to everyone. They will reply back to your question and in this way the conversation goes on. This is the main task of this website. questions

While you are busy asking questions and answering the ones asked to you, lets you use some of its features to make things interesting. Let us explore these features:

  • The first and very important feature is that you can smile at your friends. Its a kind of replacement for the like button in Facebook. When someone comments on your post and you like their comment, you can smile at them. This can be done by clicking the smile icon given alongside.

  • Another feature is that apart from asking questions to specific people, you can ask general questions as well that are posted on your wall. Your friends can see that question and respond to it if they want to. You can also make these posts private and manually select friends who can see that post.
  • The next feature is the Surprise Me! feature. This button is given on your account and it generates random questions that get posted on your wall. The website generates a random question and you can post it on your wall and let your friends answer. questions

  • You can also upload pictures along with your questions. While you are typing a question, a camera icon appears and you can click it to upload a image from your system. You can also upload as many profile pictures as you want. All the pictures are saved in your account and visible to your friends.
  • One more feature that I would like to mention about is the themes feature. The website provides you with a set of themes, but you can also upload your own themes as well. It make your account look really very attractive.

Final Verdict is a nice and unique platform to connect with new people. The functions and features are peculiar and hard to find. Even though its only limited to asking questions, I have to say that I really liked it.

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