Free Online 3D Music Sequencer: LudoTune

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LudoTune is a free online 3D music sequencer that works in browser. Here this is a unique music sequencer that lest you stack tunes in  3D fashion. You can change the route of playing music in any direction and create different 3D shapes. It has sounds of instruments with different cords that you can select for your building blocks.

There is no signup or registration required in order to use this music sequencer. You just start creating your music using cubical building blocks and extends them in a 3D space. There are some community shared music sequences as well that you can listen to and learn from. You can even add muted blocks in your sequences and save the changes.

It lets you customize beats per minutes and you can get a unique link to your 3D music sequence. You can share your music with anyone, and other people can further extend it if they want to.

Free Online 3D Music Sequencer LudoTune

Free Online 3D Music Sequencer: LudoTune

As I already mentioned that there is no need to create any account, so you can get started right away. Just go to the main website here and then start creating music. Initially, it shows some popular tunes created by the community members and you can start with them if you like. Or, if you want to start from scratch, then you can do that.

LudoTune Getting Strated

In the workspace, you have a tool for selecting building blocks on the left side. On the right side, you have options to specific tune settings for each building block that you will use.

So, just select a cube and then place it anywhere in your design. You can put it in any direction and to change direction, use the option from the right pane.

LudoTune Direction

You can select any instrument from the list and then select the corresponding tune from the bottom. This way, you can build a full sequence of the music and when you are done, you just use the link icon from the top to generate a link to your sequence.

LudoTune Select instrument

In this way, you can use this simple online 3D music sequencer to create music and share it.

Final word:

If you know how to use music sequencing tools, then you will really enjoy this one here. Here it offers a unique way of creating music using 3D sequencing. Just arrange music signals in a 3D space and then play them, share them. To create a full music sequence, it will take time, but it will fun creating that using multi-directional cubic boxes.

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