5 Free Online Audio Synthesizers to Play Various Music Instruments

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This article covers 5 free online synthesizers to play various music instruments and sounds. Synthesizer is also often abbreviated as synth. A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that can be imitated as almost any traditional musical instrument such as guitar, piano, drum, violin, flute, and other natural sounds. Along with that, it can also control and change the various basic aspect of sound like a wave, bpm, oscillator, pitch, vocal, volume level, etc which is used to generate novel electronic timbres.

Here, I compiled a list of 5 free online synthesizers which you can use to learn and practice a synthesizer and create music. All these online synthesizers support a wide range of musical instruments with options to experiment with pitch, vocals, BPM, IFO, noise, oscillator, frequency, amplitude, delays, etc. Since the synthesizer is an electronic instrument, a virtual online synthesizer can do anything that a physical one can. So, let’s check out these online audio synthesizers one by one.

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5 Free Online Audio Synthesizers:



WebSynths is a comprehensive online audio synthesizer that packs a great set of features. This synthesizer gives you a list of supported instruments and sound modes at the top. By tapping on the currently active mode, you can access all modes and choose the desired one to play. You can also quickly cycle through these modes and arrange the model in the desired order for a fluent transition.

The music keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen and mapped to computer keyboard keys. The keyboard position is perfect for a touch device. Above the keyboard, there are a bunch of options with sliders where you can control the followings:

  • BPM
  • Oscillator – Shape, Size, Frequency Filter, Amplitude Modifiers, Scale, LFO, Envelope, Pan, Convolver & EQ
  • Filters – Filter Matrix, from Oscillators, Frequency Follow & Cutoff LFO
  • Amplitude Envelope
  • Effects – Compressor, Distortion, Modulators, Delays, Reverb & EQ

Give this online synthesizer a try here.


free online virtual MIDI keyboard

MIDI.city is a simple yet powerful online audio synthesizer. This synthesizer has a neat and clean UI with mode option at the top left corner. Here you can choose Organ, Piano, Guitar, Chromatic Percussion, Sitar, Bass, Strings, Brass, Ensemble, Reed, Percussive, Pipe, Synth Pad, Synth Lead, and Synth Effects modes and play the respective music with the keyboard.

In terms of effects, this online synthesizer gives you four options; Octave, Beat, Pattern, and BPM. Most of these options have a list of preset where you can choose a pre-defined configuration. You can also choose different options for each of these to create a custom configuration. This synthesizer also has a night mode which makes it easy to use in darker environments.

Try this online audio synthesizer here.



Webx0x is another free online audio synthesizer that you can use to create music. This audio synthesizer has four slots with the same features and options. You can configure each slot with Tone, Nose, Mix, Sequencer, Tempo, and MIDI. This way, you can create four configurations and switch between them easily for a smooth transition and good mixing.

Instead of having a keyboard, this synthesizer has a sequencer where you can create a sequence of keys. This method could be very efficient if you are not good with the keyboard. You can just create a sequence and customize them as per your needs. Then, you can play the sequence and save it your Webx0x account.

You can try this online synthesizer here.

Viktor (nicroto.github.io)


Next online virtual MIDI keyboard website on this list is Victor. This one is an open source online audio synthesizer that packs plenty of features. Here, you can configure the Modulation, Polyphony, Oscillator, Mixer, Noise, Envelopes, Filters, LFO, Compressor and Volume. With all these options, you can create custom configurations and export the library as a JSON file. Then, you can import a saved library anytime and use it in the synthesizer.

In terms of sounds and musical instruments presets, it offers over 20 different modes which you can switch from the top. The keyboard is placed at the bottom. It is mapped to the computer but the respective mapped keys are not shown on the keyboard.

Here is a link to try this online audio synthesizer.



TanguySynth is another free online audio synthesizer. This is also a comprehensive open source synthesizer with 2 Oscillators, Noise, Mixer, Filters, Filter Envelope, VCA Envelope, LFO. Delay, Portamento, and Octave Shift. All these features are placed at the top of the keyboard with their respective options.

The keyboard is placed at the bottom. Although the keys are mapped to the computer keyboard, it’s not marked on the keyboard. However, you can check the mapping along with other feature of this synthesizer in the FAQ guide. This audio synthesizer is just for practice purposes, it doesn’t have any option to save or export the synths.

Check out this online synthesizer here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 5 online audio synthesizers that you can use to practice and generate music. Since these synthesizers support a wide range of musical instruments, you can use them to practice guitar, piano, drum, sitar, and more.

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