Fake Google Search Suggestions Generator: Foogle

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In this article, you will read about a web application that lets you generate fake google search suggestions called Foogle.

Many of us have searched random websites for a fun time at some point. Now that we are spending most of our time at home amid this coronavirus pandemic, there are various ways in which you can entertain yourself if you are not the one working from home.

And if you love searching random questions on Google, then you may be familiar with hilarious questions people type in Google Search bar. The one popular trend in recent days is the meme format of people typing random and funny questions on Google search bar. Foogle provides the platform for creating such type of memes.

Fake Google Search Suggestions Generator: Foogle

Foogle is an online free web application that lets you create the fake Google Search suggestions which you can use as mock-ups and memes. This online web application has a really simple UI. If you are not a graphic designer and want to make the memes or mock-up of the Google Search bar, you can use this web application.

You can visit this website to access Foogle web application start creating your google search suggestion right away.

Fake Google Search Suggestion

This web application provides almost 7 suggestions that give the visual of using Google to search for a query. But you can edit the suggestions as per your creativity.

See a sample of the edited suggestion in the image down below.

Edit the Search

As simple as that, you can edit all the suggestions and the search bar as well.

Just like the memes where they show a half-written question in the query in the Google Search bar and then the suggestion is shown in the drop-down list of how to complete the query, you can use this website to play with the creativity of mock-ups and memes.

Also, the “remove” buttons alongside each suggestion will show that these buttons are clickable, however, they will not redirect you to anywhere.

This web application is great for people who do not know how to create the Google-like web page but want to make funny content related to online search queries. You can simply type in the query and suggestions and take the screenshot of the page.

The image you will have will be no less than an actual Google Search query without having to use a pinch of graphic designing during the process.

In brief

Foogle is a simple online web application that can help you create funny memes and mock-up like images by typing in the funny queries in the search bar and the suggestions related to them.

You can try this web application here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 17 Average: 3.3]
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