Get Unlimited SMS Alerts for Gmail Emails from Specific Sender

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This tutorial is all about how to get unlimited SMS alerts for Gmail emails from specific sender. There is a free Chrome extension named, “Gmail SMS Alerts” which can help you do that. After installing this extension, it will automatically integrate with Gmail and allow you to create SMS alert rules manually. In a rule, you can define the email id of a specific sender such that when he or she sends you an email, you will instantly get an SMS alert on your phone. This can come in handy if you don’t wanna miss any important email from may be your boss, colleagues, clients, etc.

Apart from letting your receive SMS alert for emails from any sender, it also lets you get alerts based on the email subject (containing a specific word as well as replies to your emails. The SMS alert will include some information like the email subject, sender’s email, etc. Similar to another extension called “Gmail Label and Email Sharing“, this one will also send you a link containing the email body in the SMS alert. It is completely free to use for unlimited SMS, but carrier charges may apply.

How to Get Unlimited SMS Alerts for Gmail Emails from Specific Sender:

Step 1: To get started, simply install the “Gmail SMS Alerts” Chrome browser. After that, open Gmail and login to your account. Then you can see an “SMS” icon at the top right corner. Click on that icon and a popup dialog will appear where you would need to enter the phone number on which you want to receive the SMS alerts. Now, click on “Send me confirmation SMS” and then verify your phone number to proceed.

Step 2: Once done, click on the “SMS” icon again and a popup window will open up with the option to add rules for getting SMS alerts. Now, to set SMS alert for Gmail emails from a specific sender, click on “Add Rule” button. After that, you can see the option to enter the email id of the sender. You will also see an input field named, “with subject containing” which can help you set any specific word for the email subject. It means, if the email sent to you contains the word in the subject, then only you will get an SMS alert. This can come in handy if you don’t want to get alerts for all emails sent by that specific sender and only focus on important emails. This feature is optional, which means you can leave the subject field empty if you want.

Step 3: Once you’re done creating the rule, hit the “Save Rule” button and it will be activated instantly. This way, you can create as many rules as you want for getting SMS alerts for Gmail emails from specific senders. You can also easily toggle On/Off the rules using the associated slider button.

Step 4: Now, when you receive an email from the senders you have mentioned in the rules, you will instantly receive an SMS alert containing the email subject, a link to read the email, and sender email id. When you click on the email link, a simple webpage will open up where you can read the message body of the email without even opening your email account or Gmail app.

Another interesting feature of this Chrome extension is that you can also get SMS alerts for replies to your emails by anyone you choose. For that, all you gotta do is open the “Compose” window and then click on the “Enable SMS Alert” icon adjacent to the “Send” button. Then send the email to any user you want and when he or she replies, you will get an SMS alert.

Closing Words:

So, this is how you can now get unlimited SMS alerts for Gmail emails from specific sender. The “Gmail SMS Alerts” extension for Chrome makes it very simple for you to do that. What makes this extension more interesting and useful is that you can even get SMS alerts for emails which contain a specific word in the subject and also for replies you get on your email. Go ahead and try it out.

Install “Gmail SMS Alerts” from here.

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