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experience project is a free social network for all you users to share your experiences, connect with other users and find people you can connect with. The website allows you to post your experiences regarding different things  and get in touch with other people who feel the same. These experiences are like different groups formed by different users. Anyone can post an experience and other users can join them. This way you can join different experiences and talk to other users through comments or messages. In addition to this, there are other very common features like update status, add friends, and ask questions.

experience project serves as a very emotional platform where you can share experiences that are serious and critical. It cannot be defined as a regular social network platform to share pictures, updates etc. Rather, you can come here and find out how many people can relate to you or what they think about particular things, by sharing your experiences.

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How Does experience project Works?

As you can see in the above screenshot, experience project lets you find people who understand you and share similar understanding on certain situations. You can begin doing that by registering with the website. Once you have done that, you are taken to your account. Here, you can go through all the experiences shared by other users. There are a lot of popular experiences that you can join to start with. You can comment on them, like comments posted by others and reply back. You can also create your own experiences that get posted on the website and other users can join you in that.

Sharing experiences is not the only way you can connect with people. You can also make friends by adding them in your circle. While sharing your experiences and commenting on experiences of other users, you will meet a lot of new people. You can go to their account and simply add them to your circle. After that you can stay in touch with them through messages. Another way to find friends is by clicking on the find people option. There you can filter people by experience, sex, and age and add them to your circle.

experience project-experience project-find people

Connecting with other users through asking questions is another option provided by experience project. You can ask any question by going in the ask questions tab. There you can post your question and other users will be able to see it and answer. To make your questions more specific and to provide you with the right kind of audience, the website lets you select a category. The list of categories is given and you can select any of them before you ask or answer a question.

experience project-experience project-ask question

Other Features Of experience project

  • Update status
  • Post on your friend’s wall
  • Send emoticons
  • Upload photos
  • Send private messages

Final Verdict

experience project is a nice platform for you to connect with people, provided you use it with good intentions. Since a lot of people share a lot of emotional stuff, there is a possibility of people trying to take wrong advantage. But the website tries its best to eliminate offensive words and other stuff. So go ahead and check it out.

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