Practice SQL Online With PostgreSQL Exercises

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PostgreSQL Exercises is a website that provides you with SQL exercise to practice SQL online and improve your skills. You can find lots of websites that provides you with learning material with regards to SQL, however this website lets you practice SQL on their website.

Whether you are just starting with SQL or at an intermediate level, you can find exercises according to your level. You can practice SQL online by trying to answer questions in each exercise, run the query and check if they’re correct.

If you feel you’re stuck at a question and want more help, PostgreSQL Exercises gives you hints. This website not just throws some random questions at you but you can also view the “Discussion” section to get a deeper understanding of the concept. So this website actually aims at encouraging you to learn with these practice SQL sessions.

Practice SQL For Free - PostgreSQL Exercises

I just love the way this website structures their exercises. As I would fall somewhere between the beginner and intermediate level, this website is something that turned out to be really helpful for me. If you’re someone who has just decided to learn SQL or someone who already knows about it and looking for some challenges, this is the right website.

You might want a refresher for your long forgotten skills. There is nothing better than an exercise on SQL that covers all aspects of SQL.

How to get Started With This Website to Practice PosgreSQL Online:

Practice SQL For Free - PostgreSQL Exercises - Getting Started

Too many questions might run through your mind about this website. Hope I would be able to answer them. First thing first, you don’t need to sign up. All you require is a cup of coffee, a peaceful environment and an internet browser.

Practice SQL For Free - PostgreSQL Exercises - Answer the question

You can click on the “Exercises” button from the Navigation bar to start now. Once you choose a topic from the exercise you chose, you can read the question on the left and try to answer it on the right. Click on the “Run Query” button to know if you did well or you still need some more practice SQL sessions.

Getting Hints

While you practice SQL, you might get stuck at some point. Not to worry with that as you can choose to get a Hint or even drop the question and move on to the next one.

Practice SQL For Free - PostgreSQL Exercises - Getting Hints

Get Answers while you Practice SQL

Now while you practice SQL online with this website, you’re not left alone with those hints shown on the top right of the column. What if you’re not able to work out the answer? You can always scroll down to view the answers and the “Discussion” section.

Practice SQL For Free - PostgreSQL Exercises - Discussion

Well, I could only get far as the basic exercises part. I could not work out the answer so I made sure no one was watching and I did click on the “Discussions” section to get the answer. I patted my back and said “Come on, nothing to be shy of; we all are learning”.

As you practice SQL online from your browser, you might also want a tool to connect to your SQL server without leaving your browser, check out this review about MyWebSQL, a web based SQL client.


PostgreSQL Exercises is an excellent website while you want to practice SQL online. You would not even require (eventually you might) a database installed on your PC while you practice SQL with PostgreSQL as the queries can be executed and checked in real-time right from the browser.

I liked the discussion part of it as it would give you a deeper understanding of the SQL query required for the question. Yes, you can also use it to cheat (wink) when you don’t know the answer to the question.

I found PostgreSQL Exercises very useful and I am on this website right now to get some practice SQL sessions. Check out this cool website, practice SQL with these free exercises and polish your skills.

Visit PostgreSQL Exercises here

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