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DevelopPHP provides you with free web coding tutorials covering HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and more. The website even provides tutorial for Android application development.  This is something really great for someone who is looking for articles on mobile application development.

You can browse through the library to choose the language you want to learn. You don’t even need to know the basics of a web programming language. These online coding tutorials are designed in a well structured way that will give you a strong base and understanding of the topics so you could brush up your skills with time.

The tutorials on this website are continuously updated.

Free Online Coding Tutorials - DevelopPHP

Were you looking for a website that provides you with good and authentic coding tutorials? If yes, then DevelopPHP is one of the best in what is provides. And of course, all the tutorials are completely free.

There are websites that vomit heaps of information on their website that look more of a SpaceCraft’s operation manual (matter of fact, they are). I would say, this website is something that I was looking for and would have been a lot easier for me to learn these concepts if I had known about this website before.

Video Lessons

Free Online Coding Tutorials - DevelopPHP - Video Tutorials

What’s better than a website with animated video lessons? Online coding tutorials with DevelopPHP make it easier for you to digest those complicated topics, that would otherwise be too complicated to understand.

I also noticed a code section to the beneath each video frame that would let you correlate to what is being explained in the video. Though almost all of these tutorials are posted on Youtube, however you would obviously go for a website that would have everything arranged for you at one place.

Beginner, Intermediate or Expert?

What if you’re an expert in what we talked about earlier? or maybe you’re just above the beginner level and claim to be at an intermediate level. As we talked about lots of stuff for beginners, these coding tutorials are not confined to cater just an average programmer. I am sure you’ll definitely find something interesting on this website, irrespective of your level of expertise.

While I was browsing through the online library of tutorials, I found something interesting. I even found tutorials for Google Maps API, detecting mobile phones on your website, the famous Facebook comment connect box API, search programming, tutorials on how to create a social networking website and lot more cool stuff. This was definitely not something for an average HTML guy.

If you’re looking for something different, like Android Application development, then you have it here. This online web coding tutorials website gives you excellent video lesson for Android development.


DevelopPHP should be your first choice if you’re starting to learn coding. These coding tutorials would give you a deeper understanding of the basics and those video lessons are gonna help you understand better. You can practice these tutorials on any of those systems with a web server installed or you could go for an online ide.

I liked the way these coding tutorials are structured as they make the information look more readable and easy to be understood.

I have thumbs up for these cool coding tutorials at DevelopPHP. Check this out.

Visit DevelopPHP here

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