3 Free Keylogger Software for MAC

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Here are 3 free keylogger software for MAC. These software allow you to log the keystrokes on a MAC PC and create a log file that you can analyze. With these software, you can easily log the character keys, special keys, and the other PC activities too. Apart from keystroke logging, you can schedule the capturing of screenshots after a fixed interval of time. And not only this, some of these software can keep track of the web activities. They can log the titles of windows that you have opened so far and categorize the keystrokes based on the windows in which a user typed them.

A keylogger is a free software that sits silently in the background and watches for the keystrokes that a user types. And it keeps logging those keystrokes in a file. There are some nice keylogger software for Windows that you can use. But in this particular post, I will list some free software that can be used on a MAC PC to log user’s keystrokes. You can monitor all the keyboard characters typed by a user and then save them to a log file. And you can open the log file anytime to see the typed keystrokes and then do whatever you want.

Free Keylogger for MAC

3 Free Keylogger Software for MAC:


KidLogger in action

KidLogger is one of the best free software to log keystrokes in MAC. As the name indicates, it is specially designed to monitor the activities of your kids on PC. It can log keystrokes to a log file, can take screenshots after a fixed interval of time, record voices, record internet activities etc. This is a simple software and works in very straightforward manner. You just have to configure it once and then let it run in the background in hidden mode. And it will keep tracking the activities of your kids.

In KidLogger, you can also create a free account. In the free plan, it lets you see the log of activities for the last 9 days. Just install it in any target MAC computer and log in with your account. After that, you can keep watching the report of the PC activities online from any device. There are a lot of customization options available that you can choose for logging the activities of your kids or any other user on a MAC PC.

You can download the MAC executable of this software from above and then run it. Now, the next step is to configure it. Click on the Options button and then set your preferences. Create free account on its websites and then log in the software. After that, configure the screen capturing interval, path to the log file, etc. After that, simply start the software and allow it in the accessibility setting of your MAC. You can then always find the captured screenshots and log of keystrokes in the folder that you have specified in it.

Elite Keylogger

Elite monitor free keylogger for mac

Elite Keylogger is another cross-platform keylogger that works pretty well on a MAC PC. It offers a fair free plan that will help you record keystrokes, screenshots of different windows, and internet activities. However, in the free version, it can’t run in invisible mode. While it is running, you will be able to see its icon right in the menubar. But you can password protect it so that others can’t stop it or change the other settings. After running, it keeps watching the keyboard input and then creates details log. For every keystroke activity, it displays the time and the title of the window in which the text was entered. It is a good tool for spying on your kids PC (But I won’t encourage you to illegally spy on someone’s PC).

Simply get the DMG file for this software from above and then install it. After that, you can configure it and allow it in the privacy settings of your MAC. Initially, it will ask you to specify a password and then it will prompt for that each time you try to open its interface from the menu bar. And from the menu bar, you can see all the activities that it has logged since it was running. And then best part is that, it categorizes the activities by their type.

After installing it, it will ask you to allow it in the accessibility section. For that, go to the privacy settings of your MAC and then you can unlock it from the list. Next, check its icon and then come back. Start the tool and it will start recording the activities. To see the logged activities, click on its icon, enter the password and then click on the clock icon. It will show you the details log that you can analyze.

Perfect Keylogger Lite

perfect keylogger lite free for mac

Perfect Keylogger Lite is another free keylogger that you can use on your MAC to record keystrokes. It is a very simple software that runs in the hidden mode and does its work. And just like the other software, it can log screenshots as well. You can make its interface appear/disappear using simple keyboard shortcut. You can anytime see the logged keystrokes and it even allows you to export them in an HTML file.

You can use this keylogger in the same way as other software in this list. Just get it from the above link and then install it. If your current settings doesn’t allow you to install a software from an unknown developer then you will have to allow this from the privacy settings in your MAC.

It won’t allow you to password protect it. But you can make it run in the invisible mode. To bring its interface, you can use the “Ctrl+Alt+K” keyboard shortcut and then you can configure certain settings. You can enable the keystrokes logging, screenshot logging in the settings and specify the time interval to take the screenshots. After specifying all this, you can save the settings and let the tool run in the background to do its work..

Final thoughts

These are the best free keylogger software for MAC that you can use to precisely log keystrokes. And some of the above software also offer you some extra features as well that you may like. I really liked the fact that apart from just the keystrokes, you can also log screenshots and web activities. So, if you are looking for some free keylogger software for MAC then this post will be really helpful to you.

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