2 Free Telegram Bot Maker to Create, Publish Custom Telegram Bots

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Here are some best free Telegram bot maker to create, publish custom Telegram bots. Here I have added some online Telegram bot makers that you can use to create some custom bots and publish them on telegram. The following bot makers let you create bot for broadcasting some posts or updates or you can create and inquiry bot for your store, restaurant, etc. They take bot token from you and help you create a bot by adding different options. After your bot has deployed to Telegram, you can invite users to subscribe to your bot. The bot makers I have added here can be handled from the web interface or from within Telegram itself.

Telegram is one of the most used instant messaging services and growing. The best feature of Telegram that sets it apart from others is the supports of bots and privacy. And you can create your own bots for Telegram and publish them. The bot can be anything but they rely on telegram API. And if you have low or no technical knowledge then you can’t handle the coding part. That is where the following bot makers come in handy. You can use these to quickly get your own bot up and running.

Telegram Bot Maker

Free Telegram Bot Makers:


Manybot configuration

Manybot is simple Telegram bot that lets you create you your own bot in a few minutes. The bot it lets you create is mainly for broadcasting your post or message to your subscribers. It lets you create custom commands in the bot and design multi level menus. In order to use this bot maker, you actually need some knowledge of telegram bots and how they work. Also, you will need to generate bot token in order to create your bot but that is very easy and I will tell you how to do that later. Manybot is itself a bot and offers you a step by steps bot making wizard that will help you. You just need to input some parameters and then in end, you will have your own bot up and running.

To create your own bot using Manybot, you need to first add it to your Telegram account. Search it in telegram or use the above link to add it. After that, you can start creating the bot in steps by steps by manner. To create your bot, you will need a token as well. To create a bot token, you will have to take help from BotFather. This is a very well-known Telegram bot to create token for you bot. And it Manybot will guide through how to generate the token. After validating your token, it will start the configuration options.

ManyBot in action

The most common thing you can do with the bot here is sending messages to subscribers. After setting up the bot, you will have to send its link to Telegram users and let them subscribe. After that, you can create some new posts and then send to them anytime. It even allows you to schedule messages to send them at later time. Another interesting thing you can do is create custom commands. You can use it to take orders, ask for contact, and some other information. And all the instructions on how to do that are given there.


AradBot Telegram Bot Maker in action

AradBot is an online Telegram bot maker which lets you create and publish 1 bot in the free plan. You can create a bot without any coding and in just a few minutes. It even shows you stats of your bot along with some bot management features. Here using this bot maker, you can create simple bots for your store, restaurant, bulk messaging, etc. You can control and configure your bot from the web UI of AradBot and it won’t be that much difficult. You can add different menus in your bot, link those menus, set custom messages, and much more. Also, you can anytime edit the actions that you have binded in the bot.

In order to use this online Telegram bot maker, you will have to sign up for a free account. The free account has some limitations but they are okay for individual use. If you have ever used some chatbot creator, you can use this in the same way. You just have to authorize the bot first and then use the different tools and options it has on its web UI to see stats and add other features in you bot.

AradBot in action

Just the bot maker above, you will have to take help from the BotFather to get the bot token. Next, you can then just go though the wizard like process to specify what you want to do with your bot. It has some pre ready options for creating a bot for store, restaurant, and simple message broadcasting. You can use the option based on your needs and then configure the bot accordingly. You can add or edit different bot commands and customize them easily. In the end, you can share the bot URL on your website and let users use it. You can see the bot stats on the web interface.

Final thoughts

These are the only free Telegram bot creators I could find out there. If you are looking for same services to the same without any coding then you can use any tool from this list. You can create a custom Telegram bot with the above mentioned tools and then deploy them on Telegram. One of the bot makers above show you full stats and user reports that you can use to analyze the engagement stats. So, give these Telegram bot makers a try and let me know what you think.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 2.7]

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