5 Free Sticky Notes Software With Alarm

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Here are 5 free Sticky Notes software with alarm. Apart from creating sticky notes, you can set alarm or reminder (MP3 or WAV file) with a note for a particular date and time. Every sticky notes software lets you set separate alarm for each note. When you have some important task for which you want to get reminded automatically at scheduled time, you can take the help of any of these free sticky notes software.

You can’t set multiple alarms for a note, but most of these software come with recurring alarm feature. That means, once you have set alarm for specified days or time, the alarm will play automatically on scheduled date and on specified time. You don’t have to set alarm again. If you have to make some changes, you can also edit notes and alarm options.

Apart from setting alarm with a note, these sticky notes software provide other important features that make them a better alternative to native Sticky notes application of Windows. You can change color of a note, set font, font color, font size, backup and restore notes, etc.

Some unique features are also available in these sticky notes software. For example, you can set an image as note background, launch a webpage with note alarm, set opacity of note, etc.

So, let’s see these free sticky notes software that come with alarm feature.


Stickies software with alarm

Stickies is the most powerful sticky notes software in this list that comes with alarm feature. It lets you add a separate alarm with each individual note for a particular date and time. Apart from that, you can set recurring alarms for every single note. A recurring alarm can be set for every hour, minute, day, weekly, daily, or yearly basis. You can use a custom WAV file or default sound as an alarm. When you have created a note, you can right-click on that note and then set alarm. To add WAV file of your choice, you have to access Settings of this sticky notes software.

One of the best features of this software is that you can hide or sleep note until alarm sounds. So, the sticky note will be visible at the scheduled time only and rest of the time it will remain hidden. It is good when you don’t want to reserve desktop space for a note.

A huge list of other features is also available which makes it one of my favorite and advanced sticky notes software. You can capture a specific region and create a note of that screenshot, backup and restore notes, set opacity for notes, lock a note to avoid editing in the note, change note color, and more.

You may read its full review here.

Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes

Another software that provides pretty sticky notes and alarm feature is “Simple Sticky Notes“. For each individual sticky note, a separate alarm can be set. You can use it to play an MP3 file as alarm along with your note. When the alarm plays, the note opens up and flashes to get your attention. Like Stickies software (mentioned above), it also comes with recurring alarm feature. But the thing is you can set a recurring alarm on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. If you have to set a recurring alarm for every minute, hour, or daily basis, then you should use Stickies. Otherwise, Simple Sticky Notes is a good option.

Some of the other useful features that come with this sticky notes software are: lock note, hide note, put it always on top, change note color, export note as TXT or RTF file, set note opacity, change font, font color, highlight selected text, create bullet list, number list, etc., in a note, set text alignment, show/hide all notes at once, use hotkeys to create and hide notes, etc. All these features are amazing. I enjoyed a lot while testing this sticky notes software.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes software

Sticky Notes (Homepage) is one of the best free sticky note software with alarm. It has one fantastic feature which is not available in rest of the sticky notes software. Apart from setting an alarm with a note, you can use it to launch a webpage, text, DOC, RTF, or EXE file. So, if your note is related to any of these items, you can simply set that particular item with note. After that, when the alarm time is reached, it will show note as well as launch that particular file. Like above two software, you can use it to add a separate alarm with every single note.

The recurring alarm feature is also present in this sticky notes software. You can set alarm to play automatically on selected days at the specific time. Option to snooze alarm is also available, but there is no option to set snooze time.

Some other interesting features are also available in this sticky notes software that you will like. You can set an image as note background, change font, font color, import export notes, background color of note, etc.

Another feature that catches my attention is that you can export the note as plain text.

hott notes

hott notes sticky notes software

hott notes is another useful sticky notes software that comes with alarm feature. It also provides option to set separate alarms for different notes. You can set default alarm or MP3 or WAV file of your choice for each alarm. Once the note with alarm is created, you can hide the note and then it will automatically show note on scheduled date and time.

It doesn’t come with alarm recurring feature, which you might not like. But you can set it to repeat an alarm automatically. You can’t specify the time to repeat alarm. So these are some important points that should be considered here. If you need a simple sticky notes software that can set different alarms for different sticky notes, this software is good.

Other useful features that should be available in a good sticky notes software are present in it. For example, you can backup as well as restore notes, choose a theme for notes, set note opacity, keep note always on top, change font and font size, etc.

Here is its full review.


StickyPad software

StickyPad is a very simple sticky notes software, but its feature to add an audible alarm with every single note makes it better than other basic note tools. Just create notes and then you can add an alarm (WMA file) using the drop down menu available for each note. The option to set recurring alarm is not available in this software, but if it doesn’t bother you much, then this sticky notes software is good for you.

Some other features are also a part of this sticky notes software. You can add date and time in note, set opacity, make text large, pin note, change note color, hide or delete note, etc. It also comes with a basic launcher. That launcher lets you open Notepad, Windows Media Player, File Explorer, and Calculator. These are the default items, but you can also add custom items in the launcher.

The Verdict:

These are my best picked sticky notes with alarm software. All are good and have their own importance. Still, if I have to select #1 sticky notes software in this list, then it is “Stickies” software. It has a huge list of features and lets you set recurring alarms on daily, hourly, weekly, and yearly basis. Try these sticky notes with alarm software and share which one you like the most.

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