5 Free Project Management Templates for Google Sheets

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In this post, you will learn about 5 free project management templates for Google Sheets. You can use these templates for planning, scheduling, and tracking your projects and associated tasks with ease. They provide you an option to effectively manage your projects and ultimately enhance your productivity. These project management templates streamline the process of project management when you are working on a large project with numerous tasks. You can easily add tasks, track progress, track different project phases, etc. Some of them even let you track deliverables, costs, estimated hours, etc.

There are many free project management software and websites available which can also help you manage your projects. But, most of them have a complex workspace which might increase the time you spent on managing your projects and completing tasks. So, you can now use these simple and efficient spreadsheets to do the job without any hassle. One of the best things about these templates is that you can easily collaborate on them with as many team members as you want just by inviting them to Google Sheets.

project management templates

So, let’s get started with the project management templates.

Project Management Template (by Smartsheet):

Project Management Template (by Smartsheet) is one of the best free project management templates for Google Sheets. You can use it to easily add projects, create & organize tasks, assign priority to tasks, track progress, update status, and do more. On this sheet, you will also find other options which can help you add assignee for tasks, track deliverables, add deadline, track the fixed costs, estimated hours, and actual hours with ease.

Using this project management template is quite easy, as you can simply go to the above link, make a copy, and start adding your own projects to the template. In case, you want to add more data to the sheet, then you can manually add as many columns or rows as you want.

Gantt Chart Template (by Smartsheet):

Gantt Chart Template (by Smartsheet) is also one of the best free templates for managing projects on Google Sheets. This one also lets you add, track, and manage projects with ease. This template has multiple stages for a project like Project Conception & Initiation, Project Definition & Planning, etc. In each stage, you can add multiple tasks, assign task owner, add due date, duration, and also track task completion percentage. This template comes with a unique feature i.e. Gantt Chart.

It can help you see a visual representation of tasks’ progress, tasks’ overlap, etc. in different phases on a weekly calendar. You can utilize the Gantt chart with color codes. This spreadsheet is also quite easy to use as you can open it up, enter basic details about the project, and start entering the data.

Project Tracking Template:

Project Tracking Template is one of the free project management templates which you will find in the “Templates” gallery of Google Sheets. This template is useful for those who are working on projects with multiple stages and tasks. It allows you to add tasks to projects, organize tasks, manually update status, track progress, assign priority, etc. You can also add the start and end date of a task, add work duration, assign to others, and more.

Another interesting feature of this template is that it allows you to track costs, hours, and deliverables for all projects and associated tasks. It is very easy to use, as you can simply open this template, add some project details (like name, manager, company, etc.) and start entering task details.

Project Timeline:

Project Timeline is another simple project management template for Google Sheets which you can use to easily manage your projects. It is also available in the Google Sheets library. This template can help you break huge projects into smaller stages in order to effectively organize and implement every single aspect of a project. It comes with pre-defined stages like Project Conception & Initiation, Project Definition & Planning, Project Launch & Execution, and more.

In each stage, you will see different tasks which you can track with the help of a visual representation (like Gantt Chart) on a monthly calendar. The months are divided into quarters to help you track the progress of your tasks. You can simply open this template, add project details, and start tracking the tasks without much effort.

Event Marketing Timeline:

Event Marketing Timeline is another interesting template for managing projects on Google Sheets. You can find it in the default library of Google Sheets templates. This template is ideal for marketing and can help you create and manage projects for your upcoming campaigns, business events, etc. You will see different project stages for separate campaign types such as National/Local Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Market Research, and more. In each campaign, you will see various pre-defined tasks which you can customize if you want.

It allows you to track the progress of your campaigns and associated task in a week based calendar. The best part is that the weeks are divided into different phases of your projects. You can simply use any color code of your choice to track the tasks. It can ultimately help you plan projects in an organized manner while saving an enormous amount of time.

Closing Words:

If you have been looking for a way to effectively manage your projects on Google Sheets, then the project management templates explained in this post can be helpful. They provide one of the best options to create projects, add tasks, and track their progress in one simple spreadsheet. You can manage as many projects as you want for free.

So, try them out and let me know which one you liked the most in the comments below.

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