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Avast 8 is the latest version of the popular free antivirus and anti-spyware software: Avast. It’s a handy and reliable solution to protect your PC from potential internet and other security threats like virus, malware, and spyware. Avast has always tried to improve its security suits to provide better PC protection, and on the same track, it has now launched the latest version of its free antivirus protection software: Avast 8.

Avast 8 is a comprehensive package for PC protection, though it limits its features for the free version. Still its a trusted and reliable antivirus solution for your PC and a good one to try. A moment later we will explore various security measures provided by the free Avast 8, but before that, have a look on its download and installation part.

avast 8 interface

Download and Install Avast 8:

Avast 8 is available both as a freeware and paid software. You can use the download link given at the end of this article to go to the download page of Avast 8 and download the free version from there. The download link will direct you to a CNET mirror, which will download this free antivirus to your system. The download will consist of a setup file of size 105 MB, which you can double-click on to run the installation wizard.

The installation wizard will guide you through a five-step process and installs this free antivirus software on your system in few minutes.

After the installation finishes, you need to reboot your system to activate Avast 8 properly. Let’s now see how you can protect your PC from various threats using this free antivirus protection.

Protect your PC from threats using Avast 8:

Avast 8 offers a bunch of useful tools for PC protection. The interface of the program is quite unique and attractive. It contains 6 different modules: first 3 for PC scan, software update, and statistics display, and other 3 for activating Firewall and SafeZone protection (both are paid) and see other Avast products.

Scan: This will take you to the Scanning section where you get several options to scan your PC. This includes Quick scan, Full system scan, Removable media scan, Folder scan, and Boot-time scan.

avast 8 scan

Apart from that, it also provides some other useful features to help protect other data on your system through real-time scanning. Let’s have a look on them.

  • File System Shield: This component monitors all programs and files on your system in real-time.
  • Mail Shield: This monitors all email-traffic and scans each message for malicious components before they reach your system.
  • Web Shield: This scans all browser activities and keeps your system free from internet threats.
  • P2P Shield: It monitors all P2P apps and downloads in real-time, to eliminate security risks involved with them.
  • IM Shield: IM shield monitors all internet messaging applications as well as downloads for security issues.
  • Network Shield: It monitors all your network traffic in real-time and block access to malicious websites to protect your system from potential threats that may enter through your network.avast 8 network shield
  • Script Shield: It monitors all scripts running in your system in real-time.
  • Behavior Shield: This monitors your system for an unusual behavior and alerts you if something suspicious happens.

Software Updater: Software Updater keeps track of all the software on your system and alerts you if any update is available to minimize security risks.

avast 8 software updater

Statistics: This displays statistical information of all the above-listed Avast components, according to different time periods.

Key Features of this Free Antivirus Software:

  • Free Antivirus protection for Windows.
  • Latest version 8 release.
  • Built-in Anti-spyware.
  • Quick scan, Full system scan, Removable media scan, Folder scan, and Boot-time scan.
  • Real-time scanning.
  • File System Shield.
  • Mail Shield.
  • Web Shield.
  • P2P Shield.
  • IM Shield.
  • Network Shield.
  • Script Shield.
  • Behavior Shield.
  • Software Updater.
  • Live statistics.
  • Summary of all Avast Shields.avast 8 summary
  • Site blocking to block access to specific websites.
  • Remotely control a system configured for “access anywhere” (a feature available with paid version).
  • Available in different languages.

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The Final Verdict:

Avast 8 is really a nice freeware antivirus and anti-spyware product to protect your PC from various internet and security threats. It’s a highly reliable and easy-to-use antivirus software, which has shown great improvements in interface as well as features in this latest version. Download a free copy now and give it a try!

Download Avast 8 here.

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