Free Android App to Learn Chinese Easily: ChineseSkill

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ChineseSkill is a free Android app to learn Chinese easily. You can use this app to learn Chinese Simplified as well as Traditional. The app is completely inspired by famous language learning app Duolingo, as it follows the exact same path for helping you learn Chinese. The app has divided different aspects of language like names, nouns, verbs, etc.. in different sections. These sections are designed in such a way that you will not feel difficulty in learning it. Each of the section also has beautiful images for helping you to remember and understand words easily.

The app also has tests to check what you have learnt after certain number of sections. These tests help you in finding out your strengths and weaknesses, which eventually help you learn Chinese more efficiently. Other than this, you can choose Chinese display as Character, Pinyin, or Both. The app also provides you with free to download materials to learn the language better.


Using This Free Android App to Learn Chinese:

When you launch ChineseSkill, you will see the home screen of the app with different sections. Some of the sections are: Basics, Food, Number & Measure, Color, Shape, etc.. Among all these sections, only first one is unlocked by default. You can unlock the rest of lessons by completing first lesson and thus proceeding your learning lessons.

Each of the section has different lessons to help you learn them better.

List of Sections

To start learning, tap on Basics 1 (very first lesson) to get started with lesson 1. Each of the lessons includes a topic and 4 images related to it, as shown in the screenshot below. You have to tap on the correct image after reading the topic at top. As you will give the correct answer, you will proceed ahead. You have a total of 4 pandas (lives) to answer the question, with 1 panda being lost for 1 wrong answer. If you lose all 4 pandas, then you fail the level. So you have to answer all questions without losing all 4 pandas.

Taking Lessons to Learn Chinese

This way, you have to pass each lesson, section and proceed to learn Chinese language. You can also see TestOut option on the home screen. This option is present after 4-6 sections for testing whatever you have learnt in those sections. Each of the test has various questions with 4 pandas for you to answer before you fail the test. You can see one of those questions in below screenshot.

Takign Tests

The app also provides you with different options for customizing your app user experience, which you can get from Settings option at top left corner. Some of the options are Chinese Display, Character System, Sound Effect, Character Set, etc..


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Final Verdict:

ChineseSkill is a good Android app to learn Chinese easily. I really liked the app as it makes learning Chinese quite easy and fun. All the sections and lessons of the app are well-designed including the test which helps you finding the weak points. If you are looking to learn Chinese, then do give this app a try.

Get ChineseSkill here.

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