Secure Browser – Sandboxed Secure Firefox Browser

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Secure Browser is free browser that was created by Dell.  Secure Browser is a virtual version of Firefox. When you browse the internet, any changes made or any malicious files downloaded from internet are contained within Secure Browser. This prevents the browser and operating system from hostile changes that can damage the computer.

Secure Browser presents one of the safest way to browse the web. The unique virtualization model used by Secure Browser ensures that you get all the benefits of virtualization, without virtualizing the whole system with a software like Wondershare Time Freeze. This also makes it potentially more secure than Comodo Dragon.

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Any changes that are done while browsing that web can also be undone. This is a more secure browser than Firefox and works for Windows 32 bit only. It operates much like the original Firefox but you can also set and rapidly reset any changes back to the initial state.

Secure Browser also allows you to view statistics of blocked and detected processes. This is a Firefox browser that is securely contained and uses all the standard plug ins that Firefox would use such as Flash, Adobe Reader and others. There are lists that can be set such as black and white to limit web site access and stop access to sites that are bad.

Features of Secure Browser:

  • Containment of malicious code or changes
  • Changes can be quickly undone
  • Virtualized Browser compatible with Firefox plugins
  • Reset changes back to initial state
  • Set Black and White lists to prevent attack of your computer
  • View statistics of blocked and detected processes
  • For Windows 32 bit systems only
    Secure Browser is undoubtedly one of the most secure browser that we have come across. Another secure browser for private browsing is Browzar.
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free
  • Steve

    If MS will take full responsibilities for securing his OS the user will have far then 90% less security issues with ! Its MS fault ! We know that IBM has develop and use of virtualization technology far as 1970 known as mainframe and ms has still not capsuled his product ! Their offering HyperV as VT tech as with sandbox we see that oversized and slow hardware demanding solution by MS is a big mistake !!! They should all Soft that is not MS and runs on MS running in secure capsuled environment not be able to interfere with OS ! And we have not to be in trouble all the time ! But not MS playing dumb and dumber !!! They are even not sanboxing IE9 !!! And with strong protection software available in MS OS becomes on powerful hardware so slow that you cant even play more demanding game acting like prehistoric i386 that lack’s of everthing ! Yes and we are stupid enough to use windows ever day !!! And that is not all ! Soon we will have MS os that demands more 100 GB partitions with enormous amount of RAM and unbelivable CPU power and will still not be enough for MS (o yes soon will be of supercomputer need to run win )!!! What they are doing with so many IQ man power ??? No one is optimising code no more security holes buffer overflow still not fixed and so on ….. ? I can hardly wait to have ntfs support in ReactOS, as soon that happens i will switch to it !!! Im sick and tired of MS ! The only advantage over other OS’ses that MS have is ease of use and nothing else !!! When they will fall, they will fall very deeply ! Why not have SSH VPN SSL integrated and working in windows by default, you may ask ! What secret service involvmend means in developing of ms os ! So they can do what ever they do ! And we user are fuckt up !!! If you can, don’t use MS !!! As os ms lack’s simply of everything but bloating, un-neceserely, fancy looking, no use modules are present all the time !

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