Free Software to Check PC Performance and Get Suggestions to Fix them

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WhySoSlow is a free software to check PC performance and it gives you suggestion to fix them. This software checks your PC thoroughly in a serious way to find out why your PC is running slow. It runs a scan on your PC to check the various parameters and generates the report. In the report, you can see the working stats of CPU, RAM, CPU load, CPU temperature, Hard page faults and many others. It generates an organized report and you can analyze that in order to improve the PC performance. You can make necessary changes on your PC after reading the report.

Sometimes the PC becomes so slow that you can’t understand what is causing that. And that’s where WhySoSlow freeware comes in. You can analyze your PC by running a quick scan and then it will generate a report that you can analyze. However, I would like to clear one thing that this software won’t help you optimize your PC. For that, you will have to use PC optimizer software. It will just scan your PC and will tell you what is the cause of its slow speed.

Check PC Performance and Get Suggestions
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How to Check PC Performance and Get Suggestions to Fix them?

WhySoSlow is very different software that only focuses on complete checkup of PC to find out flaws in PC’s performance. If you have a PC and you don’t know the reason behind its slow speed, then you can use this software. And these steps will help you with how to use it to check your PC’s performance.

Step 1: Run this software, and on its main interface it will show you various stats of your PC. You will see CPU load, CPU temperature, Memory load, etc.

whysoslow interface

Step 2: Click on Analyze button to scan the PC performance and generate a report. A new window will open up and again Click on Analyze button to start the scan.

whysoslow analyzing pc

Step 3: After it has scanned your PC, it will show you the report of each and every aspect of your PC. If it grays out some section that means that part of your PC needs to be fixed. And you can click on More Info to get suggestion what you can do to increase your CPU performance.

whysoslow suggestion on pc performance

In this way, you can check PC performance and get suggestions to fix them. And WhySoSlow software makes it easy to do that in just a few seconds.

Final thoughts

WhySoSlow is really a nice software that can find out why a PC is running slow. You can use this tool and find the performance flaws in your computer. So, if you are having a slow PC with you and you don’t know what is causing this, then you can try the software that I have explained above. You will get to know the actual problem causing slow PC and you will get suggestions to fix them.

Download WhySoSlow PC here.

Free Software to Check PC Performance and Get Suggestions to Fix them on November 30, 2017 rated 4.3 of 5
Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2    Average: 5/5]
Works With: Windows
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  • Dennis K

    It’s a miracle! This is a very useful piece of software that does, in fact, find major areas of flaws in your computer. It is a great starting point to find out why your computer is slowing down, as they all do, especially over time.I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows, so mine hasn’t had a chance to get bogged down. When I ran WhySoSlow, it basically returned what I expected, my system is running fine. At the beginning when i said “It’s a miracle”, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t find some silly problems and offer me a solution, for a price, as way too many of these “free” programs tend to do.
    This is a great addition to your tool library for that moment after you have loaded and unloaded a zillion programs, when you ask (and you will!), WHY is my computer running SO SLOW?

  • Saurabh Dua

    How can this be classified as > Free program ? The respective website has a “Buy now” caveat associated to its use clearly !!
    Please make the necessary edits.

  • Saurabh Dua

    I wonder !…why is this article making rounds for every new newsletter being received from ILFS ? I believe, this is the III consecutive time I found its mention within the ILFS newsletter in the recent times! Well, have you run out of the New contributions ??? ..or people have left ILFS? Nevertheless, wish you all the Best & keep coming back… :-)

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