Get 100 GB Free Cloud Storage Space with These Free Services

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Here is a list of free cloud storage services that offer 100 GB free backup.

Most of these services have some common features, which you find in popular cloud storage services. You can upload and download files, share files by generating sharing links, delete files, use the desktop client, search for a particular file, etc. However, this is not what I have created this list for. These services offer 100 GB free cloud storage space and have some interesting features, which is the main reason to present this list to you guys.

Cloud storage services have become a part of our daily usage. There are some well-established services already available, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., and replacing them is really hard for any other service (see the detailed comparison of free cloud storage services). However, it is also a fact that their free storage space is not sufficient for many users. So, if you are among those users who need more free cloud storage space, I have created this list of services that offer 100 GB backup absolutely free.

So, let’s start with the first 100 GB free cloud storage service available in this list.


Degoo- gives maximum 600 GB free backup
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Degoo is a fantastic service in this list that gives 100 GB free cloud storage space directly after sign up. It comes with its desktop client and Android app. You can also earn extra space by inviting friends. For each reference (each sign up done by your friends using your referral link), you will get 3 GB extra space and maximum limit to earn extra free space is 500 GB. So, you can get total 600 GB free backup using this service.

You need to download its desktop client to backup folders. It provides 128-bit AES encryption to secure your data. Only one device can be connected with an account to backup the stuff. Overall, the features are really good, but you can’t access your backup files online by signing in to your account. You will have to use the desktop client to recover your backup files.

Earlier, this service was based on the concept of sharing hard disk space to get 100 GB free cloud backup. You can read the detailed review here. However, since then, the concept has changed, and now they have come with server storage. So, users don’t have to share their hard disk space to get 100 GB backup for free. As soon as you sign up, 100 GB space is given to you. It also lets you share unused processor time to earn some more space.



MultCloud is actually a free service to manage multiple cloud storage services from a single platform. So, it can be a solution to get 100 GB or more than 100 GB backup by collecting many cloud storage services in a single place. The good thing is that you can connect multiple accounts to a single cloud storage service. So, for example, if you have connected three Google Drive accounts, then you will have 45 GB free storage space.

You can connect Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Box, MediaFire, SugarSync, Copy, Flickr, MEGA, WebDAV, Yandex, ADrive, MyDrive, Evernote, and other accounts. As you can see, many popular services are supported by this service. Once the accounts are connected, you can upload and delete files, transfer files between services, etc.

Read the full review.

Bynder Orbit


Bynder Orbit is an online file manager with collaboration. It gives you 10 GB in starting but you can extend it to 100 GB by referring it to your friends. It supports file sharing too and lets you organize the files you uploaded in it by adding meta information. You can create a team by inviting the members via their email addresses. Your team members can collaborate with you in file sharing and all your files will be available to each team member. You can consider Bynder Orbit a nice cloud storage service with some advanced features; collaboration and file sharing.

Bynder comes with an intuitive interface where you can manage your files. It lest you upload, keep and manage different types of media files like images, videos, documents, images, etc. It allows you to classify your files by adding tags to them. This process is helpful in case you are working on a web development project and use different files in that. While sharing a file from your Bynder account, you can set a lifespan of the URL to set the time period for which it will remain active.

You may read more about Bynder Orbit here.


So, which service you would like to use if you want to have 100 GB free backup? SurDoc would have been a perfect service as per my opinion, but it is unfortunate that this service will no longer be available to serve you. So, Degoo seems to be a better option here. Still, it is completely your choice. If you guys know about any other free service that offers 100 GB cloud storage space, I would love to hear from you in comments.

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  • adarshmadrecha

    MultCloud is a nice service

  • guest

    Wow, first you say “GET 100 GB FREE GIVE EMAIL FROTH FROTH” and when you give out an email, it’s literally signing up to newsletters (which isn’t mentioned anywhere in the popup, you conniving leaky drainage pipes) and then in the email you direct to this page.. what a load of tosh!

    • Hotsteppanator

      typical conning sdratsab huh..its a good job these temp email accounts are around hehe ;)

  • manoj91

    wow new ones.

  • Jackie

    I just cannot wait for each issue here. Much thanks!….Sorry for the long post but am updating my surdoc subscription and wanted you to know too.

    Surdoc has been great.. But sorry for long post BUT am here to advise!

    The most important thing that you need to do now is to make sure that you have at least one copy of all data that you are storing at SurDoc at your local PC, a storage media or another storage service. Please make sure to download all data from SurDoc until May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT to avoid any data loss.

    With this announcement we will be starting to cancel all subscriptions of all users who have purchased one of our paid plans. We will also be refunding all payments from subscription terms that will run beyond the date of discontinuation of SurDoc services on May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT.

    Discontinuation of Services – Questions and Answers:

    Q: When will subscriptions to SurDoc Paid Plans be cancelled?
    A: Cancellation of subscription to SurDoc Paid Plan starting now.

    Q: When will refunding of payments for to SurDoc Paid Plans start?
    A: Refunding of subscription terms going beyond May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT starting now. It might just take us up to two (2) weeks to proceed all refundings. We will fulfill our commitment to provide SurDoc services for subscription terms ending before May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT.

    Q: When will upload and backup for further files to SurDoc be cancelled?
    A: We will be disabling upload and backup for further files to SurDoc 30 days (May 27th, 2016) after this announcement.

    Q: When will the public SurDoc services be discontinued?
    A: SurDoc Services will be discontinued on May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT. SurDoc will not be able to recover any data stored at SurDoc services after that date because all data will be permanently deleted. Please make sure to download all data from SurDoc until May 31, 2016 23:59 PDT to avoid any data loss.

  • Renault Xsara

    100GB? Wow, this is the catch but one may think twice before jump into sinking ship.

    Degoo offer 100GB Cloud storage but the downside when one create a linked backing data from time to time not much of issue, personally Degoo backup rather slow too. Listen carefully this direct from Degoo response if the devices use to backup do factory reset or reinstall will break off the backup link and all data on Degoo Cloud gone forever, the reason Degoo backup data from devices base on the device configuration of service that setup the link. One must think twice before reset the device must download all the data from Degoo Cloud is the time consuming at one go.

    Mega personally experienced data lost and some negative review by users lost all precious photo on mega Cloud. From what mega response there can be never same file name save twice, this is where the danger came in. Example user A and user B both have same brand camera example samsung and photo taken in sequence S1,S2,S3… and so on. If both user A and user B upload their photo but Mega Cloud never save same file name twice, one user surely later found out missing photo. So do check before jump into sinking ship.

  • Rescue

    Tencent Weiyun Gives 10 TB free but the user interface is in Chinese.


    SurDoc services have been discontinued on May 31st, 2016 at 23:59 PST.

  • rodocop

    Trying Degoo now.
    But their windows client software seems to be a sort of confusion.
    It features strange combination of binaries and jar-components, very unoptimized update process with number of glitches and finally it cannot connect to the online storage and process the syncing itself while it’s interchange of credentials with site is OK.

    This makes the good service almost unusable in my case.

  • SONAR.AM.C!g8 detected?

  • KmiLord Damir


  • Jack Alexander

    Well, from what I’ve seen here (I already have Degoo which is a 100 gb client) and the others are pathetic offers. I shall be unsubscribing the email and stick with my RSS reader. It is much easier to ignore.

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