• Jess

    “Once everything looks good, Pilot Handwriting will convert your handwriting to font.

    You can then create a letter using your font directly from within Pilot Handwriting, or you can download your handwriting font on your computer to use in other applications.”

    How do you download it?? All I can do is send my font in an email.

  • http://www.iHateScrapping.com Pamela

    I couldn’t download it either. I read in the tutorial (click on ?) that this feature isn’t available right now. ugh…. I went through the whole process to learn this??? frustrating…

  • Martha

    You’re right!

    DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS. They only want you to waste your time and email someone a note with your handwriting from their site, which is EASIER TO SCAN the note yourself, than go through all the trouble of making a font, and NOT be able to download the font.

  • beautifulfonts

    http://www.FontPanda.com will make a font from your handwriting for free. They use the same technology as YourFonts so their fonts look really good. You can also download a bunch of free handwriting fonts made by other users. Enjoy!