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  • fedya

    As a keylogger i’m uisng ProteMac KeyBag PRO. Nice software.
    It’ s not free but reliable.

  • http://hackhaholic.blogspot.com john

    very nice collection ……………………

  • JayJay

    These suck, most of them want money, this one is free and simple and works: http://download.cnet.com/DanuSoft-Free-Keylogger/3000-2162_4-75575572.html

  • Alex

    I use KidLogger http://www.kidlogger.net – free kidlogger for WIn, Mac, Android. Allows to monitor user activity online.

  • DmitryBaranov
  • edurne2

    The Best AND Free Keylogger is Wlogger: http://www.wlogger.de.vu

  • edurne2

    wlogger is:
    the best
    email sending the logfile
    easy to use
    best support

  • wjji

    hey i had downloaded a keylogger and got qutie useful data from tha….now its been months and ive forgotten the keys or password after which i was shown the hidden data…can u help me?ive searched in folders but lm lost

  • Ersd

    these free programs also take a video of PC monitor (from when you turn on the pc to when you turn it off) in stealth mode??

  • keylogger

    Actual Keylogger and refog are not free keyloggers but trial versions limited to a couple of hours!

    Home Keylogger is an old keylogger that does not seem to be updated and is not compatible with Windows 8. On top of that is shows an icon in the system tray, not very stealthy…

    Revealer Keylogger works great and is not time limited, this is without a doubt the best keylogger of this list!