• http://radionasyid.net ahmad

    thanks for your info..

  • http://PureRover.com Mark

    The Beneton Movie GIF program tested positive for a virus when I tried installing it. I backed off and uninstalled it.

  • http://4250games.wordpress.com Yudhanjaya

    Quite useful, thanks. I found this while looking for an animated gif creator so that I could advertise my games in forums. Thumbs up.

  • PavelToyberman

    One more free online Gif Animator:


  • evesparadox

    Read more about Beneton Movie GIF, or download free here. Instant virus alert and attack from this url. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! LEAVE SITE IMMEDIATELY AND BLOCK!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/greywelshwolf Grey Welsh Wolf

    Beneton is not a virus; what it has packaged with it is a market research tool which tries to talk back. My AV blocked this but installed the program which worked fine, but unfortunately seemed limited to images of a max of 720px when I needed longer ones for larger website banners.

  • Instagiffer

    If you want a modern GIF maker that is capable of giffing directly from Youtube, check out Instagiffer. It will also ensure that your GIF is Tumblr-compatible. Windows-only. It’s free!

  • Bnutting77

    Norton told me that Falco was not safe either.

  • Lo Wang

    Beneton Movie GIF has one big limitation: There doesn’t seem to be a way to select multiple frames for timing changes or other batch operations. If you’re creating a gif with lots of frames, this gets tedious. No virus warning from Avast, but I de-selected the marketing drive-by when installing.

  • http://www.sellall.in/ Sumit Singh

    Is it Trial Version or Full Version. Am searching for a long time and all are paid Software or some are also trial version. Any suggestions ?

    Urgent Requirement.