How to Share Tata Photon Between Multiple Computers

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Here are a few simple tricks to share Tata Photon between multiple computers at the same time.

If you are based in India, and are mobile lot of time, you have probably heard about Tata Photon. It is one of the best mobile broadband internet connections. It works across many cities in India, and gives a pretty good internet speed even when you are mobile.

The only problem with Tata Photon is that it can work on only one computer at a time as it has to be put in USB drive of the computer on which you want to use it.

However, there is a small trick that lets you share Tata Photon connection across multiple computers. Read on.

Tata Photon
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How to Use Tata Photon on Multiple Computers Together:

The simple trick is to convert the wifi of your PC into a Wifi modem that can broadcast your internet connection to multiple computers. So, if there is any other computer close to your computer, it can connect to your internet connection (with your permission).

There are many software that do this. My two personal favorite are: Connectify, and Maryfi.

Both of these software are free. Once you install these, you can share you can convert your computer into a Wifi hotspot. Any other computer will see your internet connection as a normal wireless internet. You will be able to provide a password also for your internet connection, so that only those who are authorized can connect to your internet connection.

So, if you install any of these free software on your computer, you can share your Tata Photon connection with multiple computers simultaneously. It will decrease the performance of Tata Photon, but nevertheless, you’ll be able to at least browse internet on multiple PCs together.

If you are a Tata Photon user, and have any other similar tip, do let us know in comments section.

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  • P. K. Chatterjee

    Very good, small and informative article. Thanks for the information.

  • guru

    you dnt need any specialized software to do this. you can easily share your internet conneection with other systems around you using just your wi-fi.

    • @guru: Could you explain how to do that?

  • @amr: It will work with any USB internet, anywhere in the world.

  • anu

    does this really work coz i have doubts ..might not work with my tata photon plus device..

    • ishan_ilovefreesoftware

      It works.

  • Radha Murali

    software’s done transmit waves, there must need some kind of device to transmit waves and some kind of device to receive the waves, it can be done only with hardware component’s designed for specific use.

    This is a misguiding article with false statement

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