Author: Priyanka Das

free alt+tab replacer software
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Here is a Alt+Tab replacer software which lets you preview applications in large size. It replaces Windows native Alt+Tab feature with its own Alt+Tab view mode where you can see a particular application in large size. You can also switch to compact view mode and set custom hotkey to use this software.

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FacePause is free Google Chrome Extension that can help you to pause an ongoing YouTube video when you look away from the screen. This extension uses the webcam of your PC/laptop to detect facial movements and pause a video when the user is not present or looks away from the screen.

limit number of tabs in chrome
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Xtab is a free Google Chrome extension to limit the maximum number of tabs which can remain open at a time. When the limit is reached, it auto closes the already opened tabs based on the condition set by you using extension options. You can close least recently used tab, least accessed, or oldest tab.

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Quickey is a free Chrome extension which helps a user to launch websites in Chrome with keyboard shortcuts. The extension brings a keyboard layout which is visible on new tab of Chrome. Using that keyboard, you can add websites to particular keys and launch them using keys or shortcuts.