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Fresh Paint is a free Windows 8 Painting app available under the ‘Entertainment’ category of Windows 8. This painting Windows 8 app brings you delightful real painting experience using poster colors and dry crayons without creating mess or getting expensive stationery supplies. You can blend & mix a number of colors to create one, just the way you do while you actually use painting colors and brushes.

Being creative is an in-built talent. Its appears in your writing posts, your beautiful gardens, doodles, knitted sweaters, and of course onto the canvas. Fresh Paint is a canvas for sketching your unique ideas. This Windows 8 painting app comes up with a complete box of wet colors along with pencils, brushes, eraser, all in different sizes. You can save your painting once you are done with it.

Windows 8 painting app

In addition, Fresh Paint provides you features such as Dry Colors, Redo/Undo, Gallery, Surface/Background of you painting, get a new canvas screen, share your painting with others, and many more. Let me explain in detail about the Fresh Paint Windows 8 Painting app below.

What I Liked About Fresh Paint Windows 8 Painting App..

What I really liked about this painting app is its extremely colorful UI. It has a wonderful realistic painting capabilities that I haven’t seen in any other Windows 8 app. As you open the app, you will see a plain white virtual canvas where you can explore your imagination and create whatever comes into your mind. As you right-click on the screen, you will see a large painting tray along with pencils and brushes in different sizes. You can increase or decrease the size according to your requirement.

Also, you can select among the Canvas, Paper, or Background on which you want to make your painting. To see surface, just click on ‘Surface’ button given at the top right-side of the colors menu. Another thing that made me try this Painting app for Windows 8 is the option for “Dry’ colors. Yup.. you can change your colors from wet to dry in just a single click. Let me quickly point out the main features of this Windows 8 painting app below.

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Key Features Of Fresh Paint App:

  • Lets you blend and mix a number of colors to create one.
  • Lets you easily switch between Wet and Dry colors.
  • Has pencils, brushes, eraser, blender; all can be customized in different sizes.
  • Brings you a large painting tray where you can try mixing of various colors.
  • Features like Undo, Redo, New, Save As are easily available while creating a painting.
    Windows 8 painting app
  • To open an existing painting, just click on ‘Gallery’ button given at the top right-corner.
  • Lets you increase or decrease the size of pencils or brushes according to your preferences.
  • Lets you share your creativity with your family and friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Brings you different surfaces to choose from such as Canvas, Papers, or simple backgrounds.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

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And What I Did Not Like about this Painting App..

Its nothing.. right from the beautiful interface, to the type of colors (wet & dry), to painting tray, to painting brushes, pencils, eraser, blender, option to save painting, share painting, choose surface for your painting, I just loved everything about this Windows 8 painting app. It’s a must-have app for kids who are fond of exploring their imagination to an unlimited extent. Adults can also try it out and relive their childhood. Take a look over the painting I quickly created while testing Fresh Paint Windows 8 app:

Windows 8 painting app01

How To Install Fresh Paint In Windows 8:

  1. Go to the Windows 8 Store and open the Search Charm by pressing ‘Win+Q’ key combination.
  2. Type the app name (Fresh Paint) in the Search Charm and press ‘Enter’ key.
  3. Proceed with further installation steps and get the app now.
  4. Its done.. start exploring your creativity and experience real painting, right on your Windows 8 system.

In a nutshell, Fresh Paint is an excellent entertainment Windows 8 painting app where you can do your favorite painting activity without messing up the entire room or buying expensive stationery items. Go ahead and install Fresh Paint app in Windows 8 now.

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