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Network Spy is a free remote monitoring tool designed for network monitoring purpose. The managers or the persons in charge often feel the need to keep a tab of what their associates are doing without revealing that they are being spied. Even at homes, parents wish to know about their children’s activities on the computer and the internet. This free network monitoring software is a simple tool for all such requirements. With the help of NetworkSpy, people can keep a track on their network of computers and be aware of unwanted activities that could be going on. Similarly, parents can control the usage of computer by their children and stay alert of their activities too.

Download and Installation of this remote monitoring tool

Downloading this free remote monitoring tool is easy and simple. You can go to the link and download the bug-free version of the software. The source site for NetworkSpy is simple and has the mention of the link where you can find the ‘bug fixed version’. Once the download completes, you would find that two applications have got downloaded on to your computer. The client application needs to be run on the computer from which you want to monitor and the server application is for the source PC which is to be monitored. When the applications’ installation is completely run, the main window appears. If you are interested to check out some more networking tool, you can try Axence NetTools, Spiceworks and Comodo Unite reviewed by us.

Functionality of NetworkSpy

NetworkSpy functions are very simple and easy to use. As mentioned earlier, the free remote monitoring tool contains two applications, one for the monitoring PC and the other PC. When applications are properly installed and running, NetworkSpy captures screen-shots of the client PC and sends them to the server PC. This helps people to be aware of the activities going on the other PC. The main window of the free network monitoring software requests for the IP address of the client PC and Port No. At the server application, the UDP port number of the monitoring computer is to be entered. Once all these steps are completed, the monitor person can receive the screen-shots of the remote PC every time he/she clicks connect button at the main window.

If people want to hide the spy action of the software, the window at the server PC can be hidden too. NetworkSpy does not require to be executed manually at the remote PC every time as it would kill the sole purpose of the software. Once the settings are saved, the remote PC can be monitored by connecting from the client application. The NetworkSpy is developed by a development company named Anantya R&D and is available to be downloaded at the firm’s website. The software comes with full support for its user. The ‘Help’ option available at the client application leads you to the main website for assistance. The website also has link for further, in-depth support for download, installation and usage of NetworkSpy.

Though small, Network spy adds significant advantage to one’s PC. The software function is very relevant to the security requirements of small businesses and offices.

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