Free Software To Check HDD Heath And Performance

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HDDExpert is a free software to check HDD health and it’s performance. It is a simple software to get general information about the hard disk drive, and see how is it performing. It gives information about the HDD temperature, heath status, spin-up time, Raw read error rate, seek error rate, spin-up retry count, write error rate, reallocated event count, and other similar information on HDD. It shows the normal values, normal threshold values (ideal values) for each corresponding information and also the HDD’s real time values. Based on these values you can then analyze the HDD performance and health, and see which if it needs your attention.


You can either simply view the HDD information normally, or you can set a refresh time to 1 minute or 10 seconds. Based on these information, the software also gives you advice to whether backup the data and whether to buy a new Fan or a Spare HDD.

Check HDD health and performance using HDD expert:

HDDExpert is a very simple, but useful freeware. It helps you in checking your HDD health at the right time. The information that the freeware gives are actually the SMART attributes of HDD. This is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, which is a feature of HDD used to detect the faults in HDD and also the attributes you can rely upon. You can see more about SMART here.

The software is lightweight and downloads fast. But, beware of the third party software, that can get installed while installing HDDExpert. Simply skip them while installing this freeware.

This is a software that fetches all SMART data and presents to you. The software is very easy to use. Simply, launch the freeware and it automatically shows you the newest HDD information. It scans the complete history of the HDD installed in your PC. It then presents the summary of all these HDD data in a report format.

HDDExpert - interface

The report contains Description, Value, Normal Value, Normal Threshold, and RAW as the report attributes. Each single HDD feature gets listed showing it’s respective values under the aforementioned report attributes. Some of the included attributes are: Start/Stop Count, which is number of start-stop cycles of spindle, Seek Error Rate, which is frequency of errors while positioning the head, Spin-up Retry Count, which is number of tries to start a spindle of a disk, HDD temperature, Reallocated Event Count, which is total number of remapping operations etc.

Based on the results, the software automatically marks the properties which needs attention, with exclamation marks. It then further suggest you to weather backup your HDD data, upgrade fans, or upgrade a spare HDD.

In order to make the software automatically refresh the information, simply go to Refresh option under Options menu and select desired Periodicity.

Key features of HDDExpert:

  • Completely free.
  • Handy software to check HDD health and performance.
  • Set the periodicity time to get newest HDD information.
  • Presents HDD information in simple and easy to understand reports form.
  • Gives recommendation based on the HDD health results.
  • Simple and easy.

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HDDExpert is a good system tool and does proves to be handy. It’s a straight simple, easy to use, and practical lightweight freeware.

Try HDDExpert here.

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