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Icons From File is a free and lightweight Icon Extractor for Windows. If you’re looking for a software that would automatically scan folders to find icons for you, then Icons From File is that one software you’re looking for.

Icons From Files supports a wide variety of formats when it comes to saving the icons: ico, bmp, jpg, emf, gif, png and even HTML and DBF.

Icons From Files has a simple interface to which you can simple drag the files you want to extract the icons from. You will be really amazed at how many icons it can search for, if you simply set the right path for the folder to scan for.

An Icon Extractor is something that comes handy when you’re in need on an icon file and there is too less time for you to create one. This could also be a nice tool to copy an icon from a file and modify it to create your own.

Free Icon Extractor For Windows - Icons From File - Interface

Ever wondered where all those icons for Windows Operating System were hiding? You can specify the folder where your Windows files resides and let this icon extractor show you what it can do. I knew about shell32.dll file that resides in the System32 folder. But I was surprised to know that there are a lot more of its kind.

I could use this software to extract the icons from the default DLL or EXE files that are already there on the disk or search for icons from a new software that I installed.

How to use this Icon Extractor?

I like the interface for this simple Icon Extractor; simple and to the point without any ‘you know what’. It follows a simple rule when it comes to extracting icons; point and shoot. All you gotta do it is to either drag the target file (if you’re sure to find icons in there) or show it a folder to work on.

Free Icon Extractor For Windows - Icons From File - How to extract

Now I have been using this icon extractor for some time now, with Windows 7 and I am bored with some of the Windows icon. So, I decided to look up the Firefox folder in my computer. Icons From File gave me a list of files on the right from which I could choose from and extract the icons.

Free Icon Extractor For Windows - Icons From File - Extract Icons to Folder

This dumped all the icons that this icon extractor found in the file. I can even save all those icons into one image file.

Now, I can extract any icon in an executable file, a library file or a folder and use it. I can change the folder’s icon to something else instead of looking at those boring yellow-dirty-boxed icons. I can use it with my own applications or even on websites.

This reminds me of the time when I wanted to use some tiny images that I could use as buttons on my website. I searched on the internet for downloadable icon files but could not find good ones.

Had I known about this icon extractor before, I could simply extract the icons from files lying right there on my local hard disk and use it right away (Well that was my painful past; tears in my eyes [wink]).


Icons From File is an excellent and simple to use icon extractor that lets you scan an entire folder or a simple file. I found this software very useful as I could save the icons found, into various formats. This gives me some extra time that I might waste while creating them on my own or re-sizing them.

I liked this icon extractor. Try it out and tell me how you feel about it.

Get Icons From File – Free icon extractor here

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