Free Command Line Spell Checker Tool for Text, HTML, Markdown Files

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Yaspeller is a free command line spell checker tool for text, HTML, Markdown files. It takes a TXT, MD, or HTML file from you and then performs the spell check instantly. It lists all the typos right on the terminal and you can analyze them. It shows the line number and position of the first character of the misspelled word and also shows the relevant suggestions as well. In the suggestions, it even sometimes shows more than one suggestions too. It uses Yandex Spell API to get you suggestions for correct words and you can easily use it in your applications as well.

Using this free command line spell checker, you can even check multiple files as well. It reads all the files precisely and lists all the typos and misspelled words right on the command prompt or terminal window. There are some advanced usage options available for this tool that you can see on its GitHub page. Currently, it supports Russian, and English only but in later updates there may be some other language as well. This tool runs seamlessly on all platforms and you can do spell check on almost all the type of files which store data in text form.

Command Line Spell Checker Tool for Text, HTML, Markdown Files

How to use this Command Line Spell Checker Tool for Text, HTML, Markdown Files?

This command line spell checker tool is built using Node.js. And that is why you will need that to install this. And no matter what OS you are using, you can install it by running a simple command. After you have installed it, you can use it on a single file or on multiple files in an easy way.

If latest version of Node.js is set up on your computer then run the following command in terminal. Wait for a few seconds and this tool will be installed on your PC and will be ready to use.

npm install yaspeller -g

npm install yaspeller

Now, at this time you’re all set to use this spell checker. If you have a text file, MD or HTML file, simply change directory to that folder. After that, run this command and wait for it to produce the output. On the command prompt, it shows list of words that have wrong spellings. And along with the list of misspelled words, you can see words that it suggest for fixing them.

yaspeller spell_test -l en

Yaspeller in action

That is how you can use this tool to check spellings in a variety of files. The above command checks for the spelling in a single file only. But if you want to check multiple files then simply append their name with extension in this command. It will analyze all the files you give to it and shows you the output.

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Final words

Yaspeller is a really amazing command line spell checker tool that you can use. I liked the way it works to show you all the misspelled words from different files that you specify in it. If you need a command line spell checker tool for your applications and for any other purpose then you can give it a try.

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