Windows 10 Coloring Book App for Everyone with lots of Coloring Pages

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Coloring Books is a Windows 10 coloring book app with lots of pages to color which can be used by kids as well as adults. The app offers you mandala designs, cartoons, animals, food, etc. to color. Coloring is one activity which can bring out the creative side of kids and help adults relax. Coloring has been know to have a relaxing and calming effect on adults with anxiety. That is why the concept of adult coloring books has come up.

The Windows 10 coloring book app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link give at the end of this article. After downloading when you start the app you will come across a interface like seen in the screenshot below.

The home page of the app lists all the categories the coloring pages are available in. The categories are artistic, teddy, flowers, mandalas, food, plants, cartoon, butterfly, etc. When you click on a category it will open up to show you a list of all the coloring pages under that category. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

Some coloring pages are available with the free version of the app, rest are locked and can be unlocked by upgrading to the paid version of the app. But the free version of the app also has a lot of pages to color. Let’s start by clicking on a butterfly design. Now this will open up in full screen with a toolbar, as seen in the screenshot below.

The coloring page will have a toolbar at the bottom and color palette on the right side. You can choose a color from the right side and than choose how you want to fill it in the drawing. You will get 3 tools to fill color paint brush, spray paint brush and fill color bucket. Apart from this you have options like undo, redo, zoom in, zoom out, eraser, etc.

The above screenshot shows you a drawing in progress. There is menu towards the left side of the app as well. The screenshot of this menu is given below.

The free version of this app is ad supported as you can see from the above screenshot. The left menu has a paint option which will give you a blank sheet, where you can draw anything you like.

Features of this Windows 10 coloring book app:

  • Coloring book for everyone.
  • Lots of coloring pages in different categories.
  • Different page categories are mandala, animals, food, cartoon, butterfly, plants, flower, teddy, etc.
  • Fill color from the given color.
  • Choose fill color bucket, paint brush, spray brush to color.
  • Options to undo, redo, zoom in, zoom out, eraser, etc.


Coloring Books is a nice coloring book app which will let your creativity show in the beautiful colors that you fill in your drawings. Coloring books are known to help stressed out brain. That is the reason we see a lot of adult coloring books becoming so popular. Coloring has a relaxing, calming effect on the mind and body. Thus it helps out when you are stressed or feeling anxiety. Coloring can also bring out a child’s creativity out. So do try this app out.

Check out Coloring Books for Windows 10 here.

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