6 Websites to Play Free Fun Online Games for Kids

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This article talks about 6 websites to play free fun online games for kids. All of these websites have fun games for kids spread over a lot of categories. You will find educational games, cartoon games, games to learn while playing, and a lot of other categories. All the available games are enriched with fun and entertainment quotient and your kids can play them without any hassles. You also don’t have to worry about your kids clicking on ads or some third party links. They are completely safe for your kids to browse and play.

Let’s get started.

1. Disney Games:

Disney Games

The first website to play free fun online games for kids is Disney Games. Since the website is from Disney, so it is obvious that you will find all the games based on famous Disney shows and cartoons. It means your kids will feel more connected to them. Some of the games available on the website are: Race to Tomorrowland, The Princess Journey, Sleeping Beauty: Enchanted Melody, Woody’s Wild Adventures, etc.. There are also categories to help you look out for games: Popular Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Puzzle, Racing Games, and Strategy Games.

Race to Tomorrowland

I loved playing Race to Tomorrowland very much. The gameplay of the game revolves around a restless dreamer girl Casey. One day, she finds a pin which gives her a glimpse of the Tomorrowland. You have to help Casey to reach the Tomorrowland using the power of special Tomorrowland pins and her agility. The controls of the game are simple. Use left/right arrow keys to move left/right and up/down arrow keys to jump over and slide down the obstacles.

2. Mattel Games:

Mattel Games

The next website to play free fun online games for kids is from the leading toy manufacturer Mattel. It offers you following categories of playing games: Puzzle, Arcade, Racing, Makeover, Action, Dress Up, Sports, and Activity. Your kids can also play games based on game characters and toys like Hot Wheels, Barbie, Fisher-Price, Battle Force 5, etc..

Hot Wheels Track Attack

Out of all the games, my favorite is Hot Wheels Track Attack. In the game, you have 2 Hot Wheels cars (Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker) and 3 tracks to choose from. After choosing the car and track, you have to finish the race in least possible time. To race the car, use left/right arrow key to change the lane and Up arrow key to accelerate. Other than the given 3 tracks, you can also create your own custom track using the given track creator.

3. Knowledge Venture:

Knowledge Ventures

Knowledge Venture is the website which has games focused on helping kids learn educational stuff even while playing. You can browse games on the basis of Grade, Subject, Age, and Arcade. Apart from this, all the games are also listed in alphabetical order for you. All of the games available on the website based on something educational. Some of them are Math Man, Typing Monster, ABC Game, A Maze Race, Colour Balls, Count the Cubes, Crossword Puzzle, etc..

Count the Cubes

One of the good games on the website is Count the Cubes. As the name suggests, your kid has to count the number of cubes shown on the screen and that too in least possible time. Your kid will be awarded 1000 points per question, but the points reduce if the kids take more and more time to answer.

4. PBS Kids:

PBS Kids

As the name suggests, the PBS Kids has the games for kids based on the popular PBS kid shows and characters. You can browse the games for your kids on the basis of New Games, Popular Games, and Hard Games. As I said the games are based on famous PBS kid shows and characters, so some of them are: Dinosaur Train, Curious George, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Sesame Street, The Cat in the Hat, etc..

Abby's Sandbox Search

My favorite game is Abby’s Sandbox Search. Abby is the fairy character from the Sesame Street. In the game, your kid has to help Abby in finding the objects hidden in the dessert. When they have found them, the next step is to put them in a bucket. Whenever they will click on any object to put it in basket, the website shows the name of the object. It means your kids will get to know and learn the name of different objects in a fun away.

5. FunBrain:


FunBrain is the website which has games for kids which help them improve their brain power in different areas. Here, you will find games like Number Games, Math Arcade, Reading, Word Games, Funbrain Jr.Games, Matching, Puzzles, etc.. You can also look for games on the basis of the grades (up to grade 8). You can choose the game on the basis of the skill you want your kid to learn or practice.

Weather Dog

Out of all the games which I tried, I enjoyed playing the Weather Dog. In this game, your kid will get different questions related to the Weather where one word will be missing. Your kid has to identify the correct word from the given 3 options. On the right side, you can check the number of correct and incorrect answers.

6. Cartoon Network Games:

Cartoon Network Games

Cartoon Network Games website offers free games for kids based on the Cartoon Network shows and characters. The main categories of the games are: Ben 10 Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Activity Games, Sports Games, and Puzzle Games. You have to go to the particular section to play the games you’re looking for.

The Powerpuff Girls

The one game which I enjoyed playing is The Powerpuff Girls: Fast and Furious. In this game, you have to choose the Powerpuff girl and the skateboard. Your kid’s aim is to collect the power-ups and perform the stunts. Try to earn the maximum points in each track to unlock the next level.

These are the 6 websites to play free fun online games for kids. Play the games to make your kids utilize their time by learning interesting games while learning at the same time.

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