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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website to get hashtag suggestions for Instagram. There are a lot of photos being posted on Instagram everyday, but they all don’t get the audience they should be getting. The reason is simple, they do not have the correct hashtags. The right sought of hashtags can get you more audience as well as followers. Therefore, you should try out this website IQta, which gives you hashtag suggestions for your Instagram photos.

The screenshot below show the home page of this website, which is pretty basic.

iqta home

All you will see is a search box on the page. Go ahead and put in your search term for a hashtag. The search term can be one word or multiple words. The search box does not take any spaces between words, so don’t be worried when you start typing and no spaces are shown between words. Just enter the search word and press enter.

iqta hashtag suggestions for instagram

Below the search box now the suggested hashtags would be displayed in blue color, as can be seen in the screenshot given above. You can go through the hashtags and select the ones you like.

For selecting a hashtag, just click on the plus sign given besides the hashtag. As soon as you click the plus sign the color of the hashtag will change to pink and a check mark will start appearing on it. The check mark means that you have selected this hashtag. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

iqta hashtag selected to clipboard

Also, when you select a hashtag, you will notice that two additional options appear on the top right side of your screen.

  • Copy to clipboard: this option will copy the selected hashtags to your Windows clipboard, so they can be used in any other application easily.
  • Start again: this option will reset the entire page. Meaning the search you made will be wiped clean and you will be taken back to your blank home page to start a new search.

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There is not much to this website apart from getting hashtag suggestions for Instagram. The website is minimal with only a search option on the entire page. Which is actually a good thing, as you don’t have to go through ads and stuff like that. The website does what it says perfectly. The hashtag suggestions made can be used easily by selecting and copying them to the clipboard.

Check out here.

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