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YouTube Decade is a free website with a interesting concept, it shows you most viewed YouTube videos posted on the same date as today 10 years ago. I think its a great concept to see what people were watching on the same date 10 years ago. On YouTube it is known that some random videos go viral and create a sensation for no reason. Then its a new day and people go after some other video. There have been many instances of some random video becoming popular all of a sudden for no reason. With this website you will be able to see what exactly was popular 10 years ago on the same day.

Let’s visit this website which shows the most viewed YouTube videos uploaded 10 years ago and see how it works.

Go to this website using the link given at the end of this article. When you open the website you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot above.

The website states its purpose at the very top, saying that the biggest YouTube videos posted in this day 10 years ago are shown below. Current date is also shown in the line below. The interesting part is you can actually go back in terms of date and see what was popular on YouTube on other dates in the past. But it does not show you the result for the next day. You will have to wait for the next day and then only it will show you the results for that day. You will just see a message like the one shown in the screenshot below, to come back later for next days most viewed videos.

The videos are put under different categories and one video is displayed in each category. This one video is obviously the most viewed video which was posted the same day 10 years ago.

The categories as visible in the screenshot above are music, comedy, film & animation, entertainment, news & politics, pets & animals, sports, and gaming. Each of these categories have the most viewed video posted on the same day 10 years ago.


YouTube Decade is a nice website where you can see the most viewed videos which were posted on YouTube 10 years ago on the same date as today. You would come across some crazy video, which will make you think why this video was so popular this particular day 10 years ago. You can see most popular videos of a earlier date as well by using the forward or previous arrows given where today’s date is mentioned on the website. You can go back about 8-9 days right now to see most popular videos. The website also puts these video under 8 different categories. Each category has one video, which was the most popular on this day 10 years ago.

It is a fun website which will let you see what was trending 10 years ago on the same date. Do give it a try.

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