Free tool to Extract Information from Digital Invoices using AI: Arrox Parse

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Arrox Parse is a free web application that digitizes your vendor invoices in just a few seconds using Artificial Intelligence (AI)No manual typing is involved in the entire process. All that you are required to do is drag and drop your scanned invoices and get them transformed into an Excel Sheet within no time.

Invoice digitization is the process of converting a scanned paper invoice into a digital document that can be used for record keeping and instant access. Manual data entry of invoices is always a daunting and boring task. It has always been considered a best practice to eliminate paper-based procedures as far as possible from accounts processes. Parsing through a few paper invoices every week is understandable but as your company evolves, that turns into hundreds or perhaps thousands of invoices every week which quickly becomes an error-prone and tedious task. In such a case invoice digitization will bring substantial benefits to all the people involved.

Arrox Parse, powered by advanced Machine Language (ML) offers a good solution for automatic extraction of invoices with neat classification of headers and line items in an Excel Sheet. It supports most of the vendor invoice formats, allows you to upload a maximum of 5 invoices at a time and in just a couple of seconds the required sheet will be emailed to the address that you specify.

How it Works:

1. Click on the link provided at the end of this article to navigate to Arrox Parse. No sign up or registration is required.

2. Drag and drop the required invoices (maximum 5) from your local system. The accepted file formats are PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Upload invoices

3. Wait for a couple of seconds for the invoices to be uploaded and digitized.

4. Once you get a message that the digitization has been done, input your email address and click on ‘Get This Sheet’.

Invoices digitized

5. Check your inbox and you will find your digitized invoice(s) in an Excel format that you can download and save.

Arrox email

Digitized Excel sheet


Dates and Invoice numbers are being identified incorrectly at times although the quality of the uploaded document was very good. This leads to incorrect values creeping in the Excel sheet.

Closing Words:

Arrox Parse is a decent web application to digitize scanned invoices and convert them to Excel sheet quickly and easily. It cuts short your manual invoice entry effort from hours to few seconds while improving accuracy and efficiency. The tool is still being trained and developed so hopefully there will be some more features to watch for in the upcoming versions.

Click here to navigate to Arrox Parse.

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