Generate Code from Text Description using AI for Free in VS Code: Bito AI

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Bito AI is a free extension for VS Code and JetBrains to generate code from text prompts. It can make learning programming easy and fun. Bito AI uses language agnostic model and you can generate code for any programming language. It has IM chats like interface where you submit a problem statement and it will return the code as the answer.

It only asks you to create a free account and then you are on your own. The chat interface of Bito AI is fixed into the VS Code from where you can activate it. Ask it for a piece of code and then copy the answer. The finally generated code requires minimum to none editing. You can just copy the code and run it.

Not only the code snippets and scripts, but you can also use Bito AI to generate test cases. To generate a test case, it will take definition or function or a code block. After analyzing that, it will generate test cases which you can hand over to the QA department.

How to Generate Code from Text Description using AI in VS Code

How to Generate Code from Text Description using AI in VS Code?

Start by simply installing this extension from this link. Or, you can also search it by name in the extension section of VS Code. It will appear there like this. Click on the Install button and then launch it.

Bito AI Generate Code using AI for Free

Its interface will appear in the sidebar. Here you will have to sign up for a free account and create workspaces. Here it will also ask you to add your teammates if you have any.

Bito AI Create a Workspace

Finally, when everything has settled, you can start using it. The chat like interface will show up where you can ask a question and then it will generate answer with the code.

Python Generated Code using AI in VS Code

I asked it to generate Python code as you can see in the screenshot above. But this it doesn’t care what programming language you want the output in. If you need code in different programming language, say, JavaScript then it will work perfectly there as well.

JavaScript Code Generated using AI in VS Code

You can keep using this VS Code extension in this way and keep generating code. For common tasks, it will work perfectly. But if you ask it to generate code for very specific scenario, then it will not produce as good output.

Final thoughts:

Bito AI is a good tool for students and beginner programmers in my opinion. I don’t think it is made for professionals and I don’t think it can help them either in any way. But if you are someone who is learning to program then it can be a companion. Just generate code using it to solve most problems and I am sure it will not fail you.

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