5 Free Online Rap Lyrics Generator Websites

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In this blog post, you will read about 5 free online rap lyrics generator websites. If you are looking forward to writing rap lyrics then you will get a lot of help using these websites.

The rap lyrics generators are like helping hand for you. Most of the time, it happens when you prepare lyrics but do not get the perfect beginning or end. Here, using online rap makers, you can easily add random keywords and get the complete format of a rap. Then, you can customize it as per your preference to make lyrics more impactful.

The websites which you’re going to read do not require any sign-ups. You can choose different genres and emotions in your rap lyrics.

Let’s go through online rap lyrics generators and write rap lyrics.

1. Song Lyrics Generator

Online Rap Lyrics Generator

Song Lyrics Generator is an online rap lyrics generator. The site enables you to prepare lyrics in different genres such as freestyle, rap, country, ballad, etc. You can generate lyrics in the styles of artists.

To generate rap lyrics, you can go to the genre category called Rap. The rap generator has a unique concept to create lyrics. Here, you are required to fill the form with custom keywords. The keywords can be filled according to the asked question.

You can use suggestions to fill random words. Thereafter, you can hit the Write me Rap button located below.

2. A Lyrics Generator

Online Rap Lyrics Generator

A Lyrics Generator is another online rap lyrics generator. This is one of the simple but good lyrics makers. Here, you can create an entire rap song with just one word.

The online thing you need to do is enter your favorite song title. You can describe the song in the title. You can custom keywords as well. After entering the words, the site lets you prepare amazing rap lyrics. You can practice it and learn singing rap.

3. Rhyme Buster

Online Rap Lyrics Generator

Rhyme Buster is one of the good rap lyrics generators. Using this website, you can generate rhymes, rap, haiku, and rap name.

To create rap lyrics, you can open the rap category. In order to create rap lyrics, you can specify the genre. There are different types of genres such as hip-hop, sonnets, etc.

Then, you can pick a rhyme scheme such as couplet, enclosed rhyme, limerick, etc. After this, you can generate rap lyrics.

4. Deep Beat

Online Rap Lyrics Generator

Deep Beat is a free website that helps you to create rap lyrics. Here, you can generate rap lyrics automatically. Also, you can write your own lines.

The rap maker provides suggestions for you. It suggests rhyme line which includes words such as love, truth, and birthday. You can directly click on the Generate lyrics. Then, you get the complete format of rap lyrics.

5. Writerbot

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Song Lyrics in the style of an artist

Writerbot is an interesting rap lyrics generator. Here, you need to select the genre. The site lets you set the genre from rock, emo, country, rap/R&B.

Then, you can select the emotion that you want to depict in your rap. You can set angry, boastful, happy, mellow, and depressed. Then, you can generate lyrics and use them in your rap singing.

In brief

The online rap lyrics generators are the most simple way to create song lyrics. Just by adding your preferences, you can get the complete format of a rap. In your rap, you can depict the emotions by choosing different genres. So try these websites and create rap songs.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 4 Average: 4.8]

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