5 Free Beauty Photo Editor Websites For Online Photo Retouching

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Forgot to wear makeup while a photo shoot? Worry not, these websites for Online Photo Retouching will help you add makeup to photo instantly. These free photo touch up tools are easy to use and provide excellent results. You can not only apply face makeup online, but you can use these as photo face cleaner as well. A couple of these tools are one click photo retouch solution, while some provide precise face makeup options. In this technologically advancing world, it is no more difficult to apply virtual makeup online; all thanks go to these tools.

What are these tools capable of? You can remove blemish, reduce wrinkle, smooth skin, apply blush, change eye color, whiten teeth, add eye details, change eye color, and do more. Go through this list, and I bet, you will be able to pick one according to your needs. Do not miss out the comparative result of before and after effects attached with each tool.

Here Are The Free Online Photo Retouching Websites:


Beginning with the most simplest tool for photo retouching online. PicTreat is a one click photo retouch tool, which reads the photo provided and applies retouching automatically. All you need to do is load your photo, and it will apply retouching. It smooths skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and applies glow to face.

You can load a photo from you PC, provide image URL, and import photo from Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, or Photobucket. After loading photo, it will be enhanced automatically and the result is displayed as shown above. You can get the retouched photo on your PC, share on social media platforms, or copy picture URL to share.

Comparative Result:

Phot.to Face Retouch

Pho.to Face Retouch is an advanced but simple to use photo makeup editor. When you load a photo, it automatically detects face in the photo and applies makeup, removes shine, smooths wrinkle, removes red eye, whitens teeth, and adds glamour effect. The best part about this tool for online photo retouching is that, it applies effects automatically. And if you do not want an effect to be applied, you can selectively remove it. An additional option to enhance colors is also available.

Here, you can load a photo from PC or import from Facebook to apply face makeup online. No option to reduce a specific effect is available. You can only select an effect to be applied or not. When done, you can get the photo on your PC or directly share on various social media networks.

Comparative Result:


I like PhotoCat the most as a tool for photo retouching online. It has various effects that you can manually apply on your photo. To begin with, it has an awesome tool to make you look slimmer. The options to add makeup to photo let you apply effects to skin, eye, and lips. These options are available under the Retouch menu.

For skin, you can spray tan, remove blemish, smooth skin, and apply brush. The eye options let you enlarge eyes, change eye color, add mascara, and remove red eye. You can even apply lip tint here. For all these options, you can use brush to selectively apply effect to areas you want. You can change intensity and play around by applying effects and removing them using the eraser option.

Load a photo from your PC, and you are good to go. You can save photo as JPG or PNG after you apply makeup online.

Comparative Result:

iPiccy Photo Editor

iPiccy Photo Editor, just like PhotoCat, provides various online photo retouching options. Just that its interface is not as peppy and fun to work with as PhotoCat’s. The photo makeup editor options provided here are however more advanced than the earlier one.

The retouching tools available here are divided into various sections: Skin, Eyes, Mouth, The rest, and Advanced. Under Skin options, you can fix blemish, remove shine, apply airbrush, remove wrinkle, apply tan, and apply blush. Additional options in this section are Dodge and Burn. Dodge tool can be used to lighten any area, while Burn can be used to darken any area. For Eyes, you can remove red eye, change eye color, brighten eye, and apply mascara to eye. The options in Mouth tool can be used to whiten teeth and change lip color. Access The Rest section to change hair color and to change look to thinner. Under Advanced tool, there are Clone Tool and Liquify tools. These are advanced photo editing tools, which you can use to manipulate photos. It is advised to use these only if you are aware of them.

Although this beauty photo editor is completely free to use, some of the features require you to sign in to iPiccy to use them. You can load photo to apply makeup online from your computer, clicked one through webcam, or you can use image URL. You can save an edited image in iPiccy’s library, download to your PC, or directly share on Facebook.

Comparative Result:


Although Fotor is an advanced and one of the best online image editors, I have kept it in the last of this list. Why? Because it only provides limited free photo touch up tools to carry out photo retouching online. The photo makeup options are available under Basic, Eyes, and Mouth sections. Almost half of the tools available under these menu are for premium users.

Let us get to know about the free photo touch up options provided by Fotor. Under Basic menu, you can fix blemish, remove wrinkle, apply weight loss effect, and use clone tool. The Eyes menu lets you add eye shadow, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, and remove red eye. Under Mouth option, you can only apply teeth whitening effect. For each of these options, you can change intensity and set brush size to apply effect.

You can load a photo to edit from your PC, load from Dropbox, Facebook, or by URL. You can save the output photo as JPG, PNG, or as WEBP, with quality control.

Comparative Result:

Final Words

All of the above mentioned online photo retouching websites are great tools to add makeup to photo. Some may be quicker than other, while some have more advanced options than others. It is all up to you what suits your needs the most. I would suggest the more advanced ones, as make up in real takes time and effort to make you look better.

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