Colorize Black and White Photos Online with these Free Websites

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Here, I cover free websites to colorize black and white photos online. Using these 3 sites, different colors are added to boring black and white photos intelligently and automatically. First two sites let you select the image from PC or paste the image URL whereas, the third site lets you add image only from PC. All three sites work differently. For example, the first photo coloring website uses deep learning for quick result where you don’t need to add colors. It colorizes black and white image automatically. The second site takes almost 24 hours to provide you result via email. And, the third site lets you add an image and color sample and then it colorizes the input black and white image by itself.

You can make a colored photo black and white but wouldn’t be interesting if you can add colors in the black and white photos? With the help of these three free websites, you can do that. Also, there is no sign up or other hassle.

Let’s read about them one by one and understand their features.

1. Colorize Photos

Colorize Photos is a free online service which helps you to colorize black and white photos quickly. This is a good photo colorizer that provides amazing results using the Algorithmia API and deep learning. The process is quite easy to add colors to black and white images.

Colorize Photos

When you visit the site, you will see a small column where you can upload an image from your PC or paste the URL of an image. Then, click on COLORIZE IT in order to generate a colored image.

In the image above, I tried to upload a black and white image and clicked on COLORIZE IT. This took a few seconds to add colors to the image. You can see the comparison between black and white and colored photo in the image above. There is a purple line in between the image, you can drag it left and right to see the comparison of before and after changes in the image.

You can download the colored image in your PC. This site lets you download the comparison image as well. The download file saves in PNG file format.

NOTE: There is a small watermark at the bottom right in the image when you download the image.

2. Colorize

Colorize website (Homepage) that lets you colorize black and white photos. Once you visit the site, you will see two options to add an image. The first option asks you to select an image from your PC and in the second option, you can paste the URL of an image.

Select an image from PC or paste image URL

It is your choice if you want to use an image from your PC or image URL. In the screenshot above, I selected an image from my PC and then opened it to colorize the image.

Output image in Email

When I opened the selected image on this web service, it asked me to add an email address to send the output. And it took almost 24 hours. But you won’t be upset with the output image. It added colors into a boring image and made it amazing to see. You can see the result in the image above how the colored image looks. Also, they provide you a link along with the picture in your email which you can click to see the image in a new tab. The image can be downloaded as well and saves in your PC with JPEG format.

We also covered a video demonstration for this service:

3. Colorize Photo

Colorize Photo is (homepage) another good website to colorize black and white photos online. The site is a bit different than the above mentioned online services. This service does not add colors automatically in the black and white image. Rather, it provides you a colored image sample which works like a color palette. You have to pick colors from an existing image and add into your black and white image.

Select black and white image from PC and colored image sample

When you visit the site, you will a sample image on the left whereas, on the right side, there is a colored sample image, from where you can pick colors. The most interesting thing is that you can change the color sample image by opening the image from PC. As shown in the image above, I selected these two images from my PC. The colored picture on the right is to pick colors so that you can colorize the black and white image.

At the top left corner, you will see an option to open a new image. However, there is no option to paste the image URL so you can add an image from your PC by clicking on Open.

Now on the right side, there is an option (next to the existing image) to open an image. You can click on that in order to add new color image sample. Doing so, you can use more colors to your selected black and white image.

We have now added a black and white image on the left and colored image on the right as shown above. Let’s colorize the black and white image by picking colors from the colored image. The colored image column has other features such as Size, Opacity, Hardness. You can adjust the brush size and color effect using these tools. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the photo that you have colored. However, there is no eraser option to remove the color but you have the undo option. You can also use zoom in/out to see the image color closely.

Colorize the black and white photo using colored image

When you are done with the colorization, you can save the image in your PC. To save the image, you can click on Save located on the top left corner (next to open). The image saves in your PC in PNG file format.

On every next visit of this site, you will find your previous edit saved in the interface.

If you want to add colors in black and white sketch then you can read this article to know the details.

In brief

In some cases, black and white photos are not as adorable as the colored pictures. Also, you can add black and white effect to a colored picture but it is hard to add different colors to a black and white image. Using these 3 free websites, you can do this magic. Add colors in the dull black and white images and make pictures look beautiful.

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