Free Tool to Copy Several Files and Folders: TyphoonCopy

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TyphoonCopy is an application which enables you to copy several files or folders from one place to a destination. TyphoonCopy has various features, as they say. However, I am unable to understand the need to make a simple process like copying, this complicated.

At the first place, it looks a tacky tool with so many “not at all needed” options that our Windows handles beautifully without giving headache to user. As a user I would not want to spend my time on a tool that is meant only for copying, and does nothing special. Have a look at the screenshot below.


First of all you need to browse to the Folder or File from a small pane to locate File or folder you want to copy as well as destination folder, I would still prefer browsing through legacy Windows Explorer. It provides an option to create a New Folder and Empty any selected folder, which of course we can do it without the help of TyphoonCopy. The browse option is a vague option which opens Windows Explorer to browse file or folder, making the use of TyphoonCopy meaningless.


The above screenshot shows the various setting options that it provides. Inclusion wildcard and Exclusion wildcard can have set of wildcards that will be included or excluded while copying, respectively. Preserve Folder Structure will copy folder structure along with files, a default behaviour of copying any folder using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Ask Before Replacing, Only Copy Newer Files, Only Copy Files that Changed are all default behaviour of normal copy. Move Files Instead of Copy is another name of Cut property.


The only limited feature it has is Save the currently running copy job in the form of Project File. You can use this project file if you want, to run the same copy operation later. It is a feature which will hardly be used. You can Load the previously saved project file and run it to repeat the copy operation.


It shows a very detailed results of copy operation for each file as you can see from the above screenshot. Preview will show you Results that should come after copying, but does not copy the file. Copy will physically copy the file and show the Result. It generates log files which are saved in Temp folder after every operation including Preview. Cmd Line button will show you the commands of copy operation that is performed. All these options are completely unnecessary and does not cater any special purpose.

Overall Review

TyphoonCopy is a completely avoidable tool. It is far away from making your work easy, rather will make it more complicated with all the unnecessary options that it has. You would not need this application, if you are looking for something that saves your time or has some special features, as TyphoonCopy does not have ANY out of the box feature.

Instead of doing any good, it will eat up your system’s memory as it saves big log files in Temp folder, even when not performing any significant operation. This in turn will slow down your system. Do not download this tool if you value time or else download TyphoonCopy from this link.

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