Free VirusTotal URL Scanner to Scan Multiple URLs from Command Line

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VT Domain Scanner is a free VirusTotal URL scanner to scan multiple URLs from command line. This command line tool takes a file from you which has lit of domains you want to scan. It uses VirusTotal API and you will need an API key to start the scan and let it generate the report. In the end, it generates a CSV file all the detection results which you can analyze the file. However, the scan is not lightening fast but it will definitely save a lot of time that you’d have spent by manually scanning URLs one by one.

This tool is basically a Python script that takes API key and file name from you and then produces result. There is a Windows binary available that you can use if you don’t want to deal with the Python part. This tool runs directly from the command line scans list of domains precisely. While using the tool, you will have to keep one thing in mind that VirusTotal API only lets you make around 5000 requests per day. Also, not only Windows, but this script should work on all platforms as it is written in Python.

How to Scan Multiple URLs from Command Line using VirusTotal?

VT Domain Scanner is open source as well and if you are interested in its source code then you can find that on GitHub. And since there is no dependency install required, you can directly download the EXE file from the repository and then place it in some folder of your choice. Also, create a file in the current folder with the list of domains or URLs you want to scan.

Domains to be scanned

One more thing you need in order to get stated is getting VirusTotal API key. For that, you will need to create an account on the main website on the VT website and get the key. The key will be asked by the tool when you run it along with its access level.

VirusTotal API key

Now, simply open the command prompt window in the folder in which you have downloaded the EXE file of the tool. You can rename it for simplicity and then simply run it. Or, you can simply run it by double clicking on the binary file. It will ask for the API key, access level, and path to the file which contains the list of domains. It will start scanning each domain and will save a CSV file in the same folder. You can open that file in any CSV viewer and see the results.

VT Domain Scanner in action

That’s how you will have to use this simple command line tool whenever you need to scan multiple domain using VirusTotal. Just add them in a text file and then give that file to VT Domain Scanner and wait for the scan results. Simple as that.

Final thoughts

Scanning each URL one by one using VirusTotal one by one is tool exhausting. And if you have hundreds of URLs to scan then you can take help of the tiny command line utility I have mentioned above. It just takes list of domains from you to check and returns the result. If you are looking for a free tool to scan multiple URLs then this post will help you.

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