Skifta: Stream Your Media Across Different Devices

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Skifta is a One of a kind, free Media streaming software that enables the user to view media stored at one place, from another location. Using Skifta, the user can watch the photos,share videos and listen to music that is on a computer, from a different location and different device.  All you have to do is, install Skifta on PC, which enables you to move the media efficiently.

Media shifting is becoming popular these days, just like remote access. It enables users to share videos and photos with their friends, without having to transfer them physically using storage devices. The user visits a friend’s place and wants to access the media stored on his/her personal Laptop/ PC / MAC there. Skifta comes to help in such situations. Skifta does the job of moving the media from place to place and it works with any DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) / UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) device that a normal consumer uses. Skifta also supports access using a mobile phone.


Skifta place:

Skifta place is where the user has installed the software. Skifta will look for all the devices in and around, that are connected to the network. Skifta does this automatically every time.

The typical usage scenarios are:

  • While on a trip, the user cannot carry all the media with him on the laptop. Skifta helps in doing so. The user can  access the files stored on a home PC even when he is away.
  • While the user needs to share his collection with friends and family who are at a different place.
  • While the user has to listen to his music collection from his workplace.

Some other software that let you stream your media are ZumoCast, Orb, and PulpTunes.

Procedure to use Skifta service:

  • The user has to create a Skifta account by signing up on the website,
  • Download the PC client version of Skifta. Now this PC is the user’s personal PC/ Mac that contains the media that he needs to shift.
  • Install the software, which automatically runs in the background and identifies the servers and the devices on the network.
  • After the installation is complete, the user may go to the DLNA device that is connected and, access the media through the source list with the help of Skifta.
  • The user can also add friends while using this service. The user can also maintain another Skifta place. Shifting the files between Skifta friends is also possible.

With all these features, Media Shifting becomes very easy using Skifta.

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