Chrome Extension To Scan and Delete Duplicate Bookmarks, Dead Links

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Bookmark Sentry is a Chrome extension that helps to check and delete duplicate bookmarks, dead or bad links that are saved on your Chrome browser. Thus it’s a bookmark scanner for Google Chrome that is beneficial for finding duplicate bookmarks. When you have a huge number of bookmarks saved on your Chrome browser, then it becomes so difficult to find which bookmarks are still working or which one are duplicates. In that case, Bookmark Sentry comes in handy.

With Bookmark Sentry, you can even set up an auto-scheduling of it. This way, it will automatically start scanning for every single day, every other day, week, or month. Hence, you can relax and let this extension do its work.

Bookmark Sentry 01 delete duplicate bookmarks

It’s so easy and simple to use Bookmark Sentry. Below you can see its working!

How To Delete Duplicate Bookmarks With Bookmark Sentry?

First you have to add this extension to start using it. You can find the link to add at the end of this article. You won’t find any extension icon of it after installing it on your Google Chrome. For accessing this extension, you need to access extensions menu of your Chrome browser. There you can find this extension and its Options. Access options of Bookmark Sentry and you will be able to do scanning as it is visible in above screenshot. Once this scanning will be completed, then it will generate a report for you in which you can view duplicate bookmarks and other bad links having connection error etc. See the screenshot below.

Bookmark Sentry 02 delete duplicate bookmarks

Similar Chrome extension: SuperSorter.

Once after getting the results, you can delete all those problems one by one or in a single shot. This simple step will let your Chrome browser get rid of duplicate bookmarks, dead links, and bad links. It’s a much faster way to sort out problems with Bookmark Sentry. See some of its valuable features below.

Some Key Features of Bookmark Sentry:

  • One click scan for dead links and duplicate bookmarks.
  • Delete duplicate bookmarks, bad links, and dead links with a single shot.
  • Auto scan scheduling feature.
  • Fast way to check out problems related to bookmarks and links.
  • Free to use extension for Google Chrome.

You can now judge that though as a simple extension, Bookmark Sentry gives you straightforward solution to make Chrome browser problems free in matter of dead links or duplicate bookmarks. If you too have the same need, then you can try Bookmark Sentry.

Get Bookmark Sentry for free.

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