Free Online MongoDB Client to Query MongoDB directly from Browser

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Mongoku is a free online MongoDB client to query MongoDB directly from browser. This MongoDB client lets you connect to any local or remote database to perform various operations. It lets you add multiple database connections and then you can easily connect to any one and start retrieving objects. You can see all the collections from any database and edit them if you want to. It supports queries too and if you know the JSON like MongoDB query syntax then you can use that to retrieve objects from the collection.

MongoDB is probably the most used NoSQL database out there. Many developers prefer MongoDB over other SQL based databases for numerous reasons. If you are one of those people then you will like this MongoDB client which I have added in this post. You can self host it on a server or run locally to connect to any database and manipulate the collections. This client works in browser so this can be useful for you and your team. There are other MongoDB clients but they can only be run on desktop.

Mongoku free GUI for MongoDB

Installing and Using this Online MongoDB Client to Query MongoDB Directly in Browser:

Mongoku is an open source web-scale GUI for MongoDB which you can use. It runs on all major platforms and you can install it by running just one command. It only requires Node installed on your server or PC and you can run the following command to install it globally.

npm install -g mongoku

install Mongoku

When the installation process of this MongoDB Client finishes, you can start it. Run the following command in terminal or command prompt and then access the interface of this database tool at “localhost:3100”. You can see the following screenshot.

mongoku start

Mongoku database localhost

It will automatically connect to the local instance of MongoDB or if you don’t have MongoDB on your PC or server then you will have to add the connection details manually on the main interface of this tool. After connecting to the database, simply click on its name and see all the stored collections in that.

Mongoku collections

You can open any collection and see all the stored entries in them. You can query data in a particular collection and even edit that. To edit an entry, use the edit button in front of each item in the collection. Simply edit any entry and save changes back to the collection. In this manner, you can browse through every object present in the database and do what you want.

Mongoku in action

You can install this simple GUI for MongoDB anywhere you like and then simply use it with your team. Currently, some features are missing but maybe they will be there in the coming updates such as export to CSV. In the meantime, if you want to have a look at its code base then you can see this GitHub repository. Also, if you have some knowledge of programming then you can take part in its development and build its binaries for other platforms.

Final thoughts

I have used plenty of MongoDB clients but nothing like Mongoku. The best part is that you can install it on VPS like DigitalOcean and manage your local or remote databases using browser on your PC. This is best suited for newbies too who don’t like MongoDB commands to list objects and collections. You can simply connect to any MongoDB database and then do anything that you want.

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