Free Font Viewer To Preview Font With Custom Color

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FontLab Pad is a free font viewer software that has come with a unique and fantastic feature. You can change the default font color with any other color available in the color palette. There are many other similar font viewers available, but font can be previewed with default color (black) only. This software lets you preview font with custom text and different colors. Moreover, you can also make its background transparent and preview font on any webpage or application by moving its window. So, you will get a much better idea about how the particular font with applied color will look on a webpage or application.

Apart from these interesting features, you can also change the font size as per your need. Text alignment can also be set to left, medium, or right. When you are happy with the customizations, you can copy font text or export the font text to any of the three different formats: PDF, SVG, or PNG file.

preview font with custom color

Above you can see the font preview with custom text, font color and color palette visible on its interface.

Use This Free Font Viewer To Preview Font With Custom Color:

Here is the homepage link of this free font viewer. After installation, open its UI. Now you can use File menu to open a colored or black and white font. It supports different font types, such as: Photofonts, SVG fonts, OpenType fonts, UFO, PostScript, Web fonts, etc. You can also import any of the installed fonts.

FontLab Pad- interface

After inserting the font, you can edit its text. To adjust the font size, you can use the slider and move it left or right. Also, to make the background transparent, you can use View menu.

The font is visible with the default color. However, you can activate Formatting option (also known as Parameters) using View menu. A sidebar is opened that provides a color palette to change the font color. If you want to apply some color other than the colors available on the palette, then you can simply insert the color code in the available box. After performing the changes, you can move the window of this software and preview font on a webpage or some application.

change text size and make background transparent

If the changes are good, you can export font text with formatting for later use.

The Verdict:

This free font viewer is indeed a good choice. A font can be previewed with different colors which is really an interesting feature of this software. And I must say that its option to make the background transparent makes it more useful.

Get this software.

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