Windows 10 Word Puzzle Game App: Word Boggle Ruzzle

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Word Boggle Ruzzle is a free Windows 10 word puzzle game app where you have to form as many words as you can using the letter given to you. The word puzzle game app is nice and colorful and gives you candies for the right words that you find from the list.

The Windows 10 word puzzle game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

word boggle ruzzle home

Click on the play button and you will be taken to a small tutorial to make you understand how this game is played and words are formed. Below is a screenshot which shows a page of this tutorial.

word boggle ruzzle tutorial

You can see there are some random letters on the screen. Using these letters you have to form words which can be anywhere from 3 to 6 lettered. Also you will be given the number of words that you have to form to clear the level like the above screenshot says that you have to form atleast 11 words to clear the level.

After the tutorial the actual game play screen comes in front of you, as can be seen in the screenshot below. At the top left you can see the level you are at and the top right side has the pause button along with sound on or off button.

word boggle ruzzle game play

Below the candies on the left side is your game timer. You have to find 11 words in that amount of time or its game over for you if the timer runs out. The bottom of the window has three buttons. When you have entered a word click the enter button and if its right it will show up at the top. The mix button will jumble up the letters given, to help you out. The clear button will clear any wrong word you entered.

word boggle ruzzle level up

As soon as you find 11 words, the level up screen will come up, as shown in the screenshot above. On level up all the candies will go away and the words hidden behind them will be revealed. Your score will be shown at the bottom of the window. The next button will take you to the next level. In case you are not able to complete the level, you will be asked to retake the level with different set of letters.

If you want to score more then form more 5 or 6 lettered words.

Features of this Windows 10 word puzzle game app:

  • Form words out of the given letters.
  • Form atleast the given number of words to clear the level.
  • The games are timed.
  • Words formed have to be between 3-6 letters.
  • Nice interface.


Word Boggle Ruzzle is a fun word puzzle game app. You have to find words with in the given time limit and also have to form a particular number of words to clear the level. It is quite fun to find words before the timer runs out. Though I thought the minimum number of words you are required to find to complete should have been a little more. Because one you clear a level all the words are revealed. A bit more time would be great as well. All the word puzzle enthusiasts would definitely like this game.

Check out Word Boggle Ruzzle for Windows 10 here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 1 Average: 3]
Works With: Windows 10
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