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Reddimade is a website by Reddit, which lets you upload the designs of the products that you want to sell, and if enough people agree to buy that product, Reddit will get it manufactured and give you the profit from the sale. So, essentially, you only need to create a fantastic design of a product (like, a design on a T-Shirt), and if enough people agree to buy that T-Shirt, Reddit will get it manufactured and you pocket the profits (or, you can choose to donate the profits).

Once you have uploaded a design, you run a campaign to get people interested for buying it, sell the product, and make money. The coolest thing about Redditmade is that you only have worry about designing the product and running the campaign. All the other things related to product like manufacturing, printing of design, etc.. are handled by Redditmade team.

Already feeling excited? Well, there’s more to it. Keep on reading.

Redditmade is a basically a new project of Reddit which lets any Reddit member to design anything and sell it. By “anything”, I literally mean anything, like t-shirts, cups, hats, glass, stickers, bags, etc..  In short, its all about your creativity. Reddit team will work with you to decide the minimum number of products required to sell and price per unit of the product (in case of T-shirts, you only need to get interest for 25 T-Shirts for your campaign to be classified as Successful). If your campaign becomes successful, then you can choose the keep the profit with yourself or donate it to anyone else.


Using Redditmade to Design and Sell Products:

You have to register with the Redditmade website before you can run campaign and start selling products. Do remember, your existing Reddit account won’t work here so you will have to register with the website. However after successful registration, you have to link your existing Reddit account with this website to proceed.

Link Reddit Account

On successful linking of Reddit account, the website will redirect you to the campaign creation page. The whole campaign creation process is divided in 3 parts: Campaign Details, Design Product, and Preview Campaign.

Campaign Details:

This is the first step of your campaign creation. In this step, you have to enter information about your campaign so that other users can know about it. Some of the details which you have to fill are: Campaign Name, Campaign Description, Nominee for receiving the money from Campaign (Yourself or any one else).

Enter Campaign Details

It also has an option for deciding whether your campaign is for everyone on Reddit or is it specific for a Subreddit. In the case it is specific, then your campaign will be live only when approved by that specific Subreddit’s moderator. Such campaigns are marked as Official Redditmade campaigns.

Design Product:

The next step is to design product. Redditmade has two categories for designing products: T-Shirts and Custom. It means all the products except T-shirt are added via Custom category. You can start designing t-shirts straightaway, but for custom products, you have to fill up a form mentioning the details of your custom product. After that, Redditmade team will get in touch with you with further steps to proceed.

While designign t-shirts, you can choose the shirt color, add text, choose font style, upload your design for printing on t-shirt, choose the price per unit, and minimum number of units you want to sell. The price range for selling t-shirt is $13 – $30.

Design Product

Your campaign is termed as successful when the number of people interested in your campaign reaches the minimum number of units specified by you for selling the product. So, choose a the number of units wisely.

In case your campaign fails, then no one has to pay anything and no  product is made.

Preview Campaign:

This is the final step for creating the campaign. It displays the preview of your campaign before it goes live. You can cross-check all the details and edit them to make changes. When you find everything okay, click on Save option to make the campaign Live.

Preview Campaign

Points to Remember while Campaigning on Redditmade:

  • You must have a US bank account for receiving the payment if your campaign becomes successful. If you don’t have one, then you can also give account details of someone else you know in US.
  • If you make a profit of more than $600 from your campaign, then you have to pay the tax.

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Final Verdict:

Redditmade is an awesome website to design product and sell them. I really loved the concept as it saves you from the headache of finding a seller, manufacturing cost, and other product sell related stuff. Its really easy to create campaigns and run them.

Try Redditmade here.

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