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Snipli is a free URL shortener website which comes with the feature to edit your short URLs. That means, your short URL will remain the same, but you will be able to change the original URL of that short link whenever needed. This special makes it better than other similar URLs shorteners. Where other services reserve one short link for a particular URL only, this website lets you change the original link of any short URL.

Apart from this special feature, this free URL shortener contains all those features which you expect in an advanced URL shortener plugins or services. For example, you can short URLs in bulk, organize links by tags and track click stats for every single short URL.

Snipli- online free URL shortner

In the screenshot above, you can see the short URL generated by me and its stats provided by this website.

How to Create and Edit Short URLs with This Free URL Shortener website?

You can use this website with or without an account. Generating the short link and checking the stats of that particular link can be done without sign up.

generate a short URL without sign up

However, to customize the link settings, edit links, choose domain, enter custom URL, add tags, etc., you need to sign up for a free account. So it would be good to create a free account and then you can:

  • Choose a particular domain: or
  • Enter the custom text to use in your short link.
    customize the short URL
  • Enable option like pronounceable and numbers only to generate the short link automatically.
  • Add tags for your short link. It will help to organize and quickly find the URLs.

Other than this, Advanced targeting options are also available but you can’t use them in the free plan. When your URL is generated, you can share it with your friends and also paste on your Twitter, Google+, and Facebook accounts.

Whenever you need to edit the short links or check the stats, you can open the dashboard of your account. After this, you can use the suitable option(s). Edit, View Stats, and few other options are available which you can access.

open the dashboard to view stats or edit a URL


Generating the short URLs for original URLs in not a big deal as many other services are already there for these tasks, but editing the short URLs and tracking those URLs are really handy features which Snipli has provided for free. You should try it.

Use Snipli for free.

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