Listen To Favorite Tracks of People You Follow On Soundcloud

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DiscoverTracks is a free online app for SoundCloud to listen to favorite tracks of people you follow on SoundCloud. It automatically fetches all those tracks that are marked as favorite by the people you are following and lets you play those songs. Apart from this, you can also add those tracks to your SoundCloud playlists.

Each track can also be liked by you and those tracks will be stored to your favorites list. Whether you are following a fan club or an individual person, you can listen to what they love to listen to.

DiscoverTracks- interface

In above screenshot, you could see its main interface where you will be able to play favorite audio tracks of people you follow.

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How To Use This Free App To Fetch Favorite Tracks of People You Follow On SoundCloud?

Use the link placed at the end of this review to access its homepage. DiscoverTracks app is very easy to use. The very first thing you need to do is login to your SoundCloud account using available button.

login to your SoundCloud account

After log in, it will start loading tracks loved by people you follow. As soon as it will fetch all the tracks, first track will start playing automatically. To move to next track, use available button. Enjoy listening to tracks and like them (if you want) using Like button available at top right side of each track.

listen to songs and add to favorites

Add Tracks To Playlist:

For each track, it provides option to add that track to playlist. Either you can add the song to available playlist or can create a new playlist. Moreover, while creating a new playlist, you can set playlist privacy (public or private) as well.

add sound track to playlist

Other Features:

  • You can share any song to your Facebook account.
  • For each new song, DiscoverTracks provides a score to you. This score shows that you have listened to upto this particular number of tracks using DiscoverTracks.
  • You can also add your comment to a particular point of playing song. But for doing so, it will move you to your SoundCloud account.
  • If you are listening to song added by a fan club member, you can also follow that person directly from DiscoverTracks.


DiscoverTracks is really a handy app to listen to favorite songs of people you follow on SoundCloud. You don’t need to go to your SoundCloud account and go back n forth to explore following people’s favorite choices.

Try DiscoverTracks free.

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