6 Free Websites to Learn How to Play Cello

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Here is a list of 6 free websites to learn how to play cello. These websites provide you with various free educational resources in the form of videos, audios, texts, images, etc. All of these websites ensure that you get enough knowledge about the basics of playing the cello, however some of them even help you learn a few advanced concepts. None of the websites require you to register for an account and you can start following and learning cello playing instantly.

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these websites.

1. Cello Online:

Cello Online

Cello Online is the first website in the list to learn how to play cello. The website has 6 main options: Cello Basics, Music, Class, Exercises, Christmas, and Store. To learn about cello, you need to click on Cello Basics option. Here, you will find cello lessons divided across many sub-categories like cello position, fingering, technique, set-up, etc. Click on the lesson you want to follow and the website will redirect you to the corresponding page. On that page, you will find complete lesson including images and text. The website also has an option called String Classes which takes you on a journey of history of string music. It is divided across 6 units with each of the units focusing on a specific phase of string music history.

Apart from lessons, Cello Online provides you with free cello sheet music, exercises, special Christmas cello sheet music, and store to buy cello accessories.

2. Play-Cello:


Play-Cello is basically a blog about cello which is dedicate to everyone looking to learn to play cello. The blog has a collection of really good and informative blog posts related to playing the cello. You will find posts related to almost everything related to cello including different parts of cello, how to play cello, how to hold cello, posture, and much more. It even includes a post about how to select a cello which fits your needs and goals. You can also check the history of cello to know more about it, its origin, and its journey so far.

3. StringLessons:


StringLessons is the website which has a collection of video tutorials for you to learn cello. It has video lessons from two cellists: John Stuart and Jamie Fiste. Each of the videos is titled with the lesson it is about. Some of the tutorials are Getting to Know Your Cello, Printed Material, Holding the Cello, Holding the Bow, Vibrato, Thumb Position, etc. All the videos are from YouTube but this website saves you from doing the hard work of finding the good videos on YouTube. Other than this, the website also has video tutorials collection for learning violin.

4. Wonder How To:

Wonder How To

The fourth website in this list is Wonder How To. It is basically a platform where you can ask your questions and doubts related to cello playing. Wonder How To have a specific section for Cello learning which means you will find only those users here who are interested in playing cello and know about it. You can browse questions on the basis of Hot, Active and Newest. You can post comments and upvote/downvote the question. Apart from posting and answering questions, you can also share any information which you might have about learning cello.

5. Learning The Cello:

Learning the Cello

Learning the Cello is the website which is run by a cellist named Suzanne Dicker. On the website, you will find lots of useful textual data as well as video tutorials related to learning the cello. Some of the main categories are Balance and co-ordination, Bow fingers and sensitivity, Vibrato, Left hand, etc. Each of the categories has further sub-categories making it easier for you to find the concept you are looking to learn.

6. Cello Professor:

Cello Professor

Cello Professor is the last website in the list to learn playing cello. This website is run by a famous cellist Jamie Fiste. On the website, you will see cello lessons framed by him for you in an easy to understand manner. Some of the lessons are Joints and motion, Basic principle, Proper sitting position, Left hand/arm position, Cello vibrato, etc. The owner of website, Jamie Fiste, also provides Skype lessons but you need to pay an hourly rate for that.

These are the 6 free websites to learn how to play cello. Check them out to start learning cello and to get a better understanding of cello basics.

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